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Sydney-based New Zealand actor-director James Morcan announced today that his next feature film project will be a film adaptation of “The Me Too Girl,” a detective novel he co-wrote with his father.

Morcan, who is currently directing and starring in a film adaptation of another novel he wrote, said “The Me Too Girl” will be filmed on location in Los Angeles and will feature international cast.

“This is the story of a young female executive who fights against sexual abuse and who unwittingly becomes a beacon for the Me Too movement and for women victims of violence all over the world. To quote the Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 book reviewer, “This is an extremely impressive novel and a wake-up call for increased attention to the crime of sexual abuse.”

Casting for “The Me Too Girl” will begin immediately and the film is slated to go into pre-production later this year.

Meanwhile, Morcan is in the final stages of post-production on “Anno 2020,” a visionary film he adapted from his solo novel of the same name. It reveals the fictitious experiences of 11 people around the world who have to communicate remotely with each other as they are separated during the coronavirus blockages of Anno MMXX (year 2020).

“As the title suggests, ‘Anno 2020’ takes place during last year’s global crisis and explores intense relationships in this chaotic and uncertain time,” says Morcan. “In this era of foreclosure, it was a real challenge to work around the availability of cast and crew given that filming half a dozen different storylines was required on four continents. We even shot in Wuhan, China.

Morcan has written or co-authored nine published novels – most in collaboration with his father Lance who resides in Papamoa, New Zealand. Les Morcans, both screenwriters, adapt some of their novels to feature film scripts with a view to making them evolve towards the big screen. “The Me Too Girl” is the most advanced of these collaborative efforts.

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