Kuruthi trailer: Prithviraj promises biting thriller, watch


The trailer for the upcoming Malayalam thriller Kuruthi was released on Wednesday. Featuring Prithviraj in the lead role, the film is directed by Manu Warrier who previously directed the Hindi film Coffee Bloom (2014).

Kuruthi’s trailer promises a biting thriller with high octane action that includes high-voltage chase sequences and brutal muddy brawls, coupled with dramatic performances. Prithviraj plays a god-fearing man in the movie, but that doesn’t stop him from getting revenge and revenge on those who wronged him.

Not just the character of Prithviraj, we hear others in the trailer invoking the name of God. While some seek mercy, a few bleed their hands in the name of the Almighty. There also seems to be a philosophical angle to the whole story, as the film apparently questions what is right and wrong.

The whole movie seems to take place overnight. According to the synopsis, an injured cop and a prisoner knock on the door of a house, seeking refuge from a killer chasing them. The killer, however, is in no mood to give up the hunt until he makes his rival pay for his crime with his life.

Prithviraj’s vengeful campaign appears to meet resistance from Ibrahim, played by Roshan Mathew, a man of faith, who also fights his own inner demons. The fateful night will be a test of the killer’s hatred and Ibrahim’s faith.

Besides Prithviraj and Roshan Mathew, Kuruthi also stars Mamukkoya, Srindaa, Shine Tom Chacko and Murali Gopi. It will be presented in preview on Amazon Prime Video August 11.

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