La Llorona Legend trailer summons an evil spirit

The Legend of La Llorona is the latest Hollywood iteration of the popular Latin American tale about the dangerous, aquatic spirit of a cursed mother who snatches children and torments families. The Spanish expression La Llorona loosely translates to “the crying woman”, and the original myth speaks of a mother who drowned her children and then herself, finding herself doomed to scour the Earth in search of her children in purgatory. Saban Films’ new film seeks to confront legend like a classic horror movie.

In the new trailer, we meet a young family traveling to Mexico on vacation. The father, André (Antonio Cupo), told their taxi driver (Danny trejo), that they just needed to get away for a while, no doubt hiding a deeper family mystery as to why they’re really there or what they’re running from. As they settle into the beautiful house in which they plan to spend their vacation, the woman of the house (Zamia Fandiño) tells them about La Llorona. That night, something took away their son, Danny (Nicolas madrazo). We see wet footsteps creeping in, shots of blown out windows and Danny not in his bed.

The mother, Carly, asks more about La Llorona and why she wants her son. We then get several suspenseful action shots from the film, featuring Carly being pursued by La Llorona, the character of Trejo fighting someone with a shotgun, someone in a coffin, and another person dressed in a mourning veil, and a car chase leading directly to La Llorona. Finally, the trailer ends with Danny telling someone that she’s coming and that he doesn’t want her to take him, before seeing him dragged into darkness by the spirit of La Llorona.

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The synopsis for The Legend of La Llorona says they’re not the only family this has happened to, with signs of missing children scattered across town. The synopsis also tells us that there is a secret in Carly’s past that could be the key to defeating the Malevolent Spirit.


The horror genre is a great place to tell compelling stories about women overcoming hardships through the prism of the supernatural, and the original La Llorona story has a lot of potential. However, with The Legend of La Llorona, it looks like we’re going to see more jumping fears than emotional and narrative storytelling. This type of movie certainly has a place in the genre, but audiences probably shouldn’t get into it. The Legend of La Llorona expects more than a popcorn thriller.

The Legend of La Llorona, realized by Patricia harris heely and written by Jose prendes hits theaters on January 7, 2022 and will be available on demand and digitally on January 11, 2022. The film stars Autumn Reeser, Antonio Cupo, Zamia Fandiño and Danny Trejo. Check out the trailer and poster below:

Legend-of-La Llorona-Poster

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