Last Of Us Video Game director to direct episode of HBO series


For those who haven’t played Naughty Dog’s game changer from a video game series, “The Last of Us” tells the story of Joel, a grizzled smuggler who is tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie. through a post infested with zombies. apocalyptic landscape. The game is a cutting-edge narrative that is more about the characters on this journey than a zombie marathon. Joel and Ellie are both complicated, shattered by the decline of the civilization around them. Safe zones are authoritarian militarized nightmares, and nature is filled with fungus infected zombies and the absolute worst of surviving humanity.

The game likes to play with perspective (you start playing the game before the outbreak as Joel’s young girl) and shades of gray. In the sequel to the game, they push even further, putting you in the shoes of both the protagonist you’ve grown to love and the antagonist who has very good reasons.

In short, it has all the makings of a badass show, especially now that we know Druckmann is going to be taking the lead on at least one episode.

Other directors revealed or confirmed by the DGC document are writer Craig Mazin himself, Jasmila Žbanić (“Quo Vadis, Aida”), Kantemir Balagov (“Beanpole”) and Peter Hoar (“Daredevil” and “The Umbrella Academy “). IMDb also lists Ali Abbasi (“Border”) as a director.

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