Lightyear trailer set to break Pixar record


Light yearThe trailer for has already racked up some impressive numbers in no time. Deadline reports that Chris Evans’ film managed to capture 83 million views in the first 24 hours of its upload on Wednesday. Other Pixar films haven’t achieved this feat, with the exception of Incredibles 2 which achieved 114 million. Corn, Light yearthe wild performance dwarves Luca to 28 million, Soul to 32 million, and even his cousin Toy story 4 to 62 million. All of this is impressive without even mentioning that the Space Ranger has managed more views than Eternal, which had 77 million in its first trailer online. From these early indications, Pixar has huge success on its hands. Lots of social media taunts during the title unveiling gave way to genuine interest in a beautiful comedic action movie with jaw-dropping animation. (It doesn’t hurt that the finished product is endlessly memorable.)

Director Angus MacLane was very excited about this project and the potential to work with Evans on such a beloved property. He recently spoke with Fandango about how Lightyear is teaming up with Toy Story himself. It is not as simple as some internet commentators would like you to believe.

“There is one central idea about Buzz that we noticed when we really delved into looking at all of the Toy story movies: That Buzz has a disagreement over the nature of reality, ”MacLane began. ” In the first Toy story, he believes he’s a space ranger when Woody says he’s a toy. In the second movie, they had to bring in another Buzz Lightyear to revive that. And he had to convince his other self that HE was a toy. And there is Spanish Buzz in [Toy Story 3], then the interior monologue in [Toy Story 4]. It was the foundation of something we knew we had to pay for. “

“Buzz is someone who takes his job very seriously and follows the rules,” added the director. “And has an unwavering faith in himself. There are these tropes of this kind of hero that we recognize, nurture and play with. But he’s such an amalgamation of weird sci-fi clichés. you this more than one It was really the burden of [the] movie.”

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