Mama Bears Documentary Gets Trailer Ahead Of Outfest Film Festival Screening

An LGBTQ+ documentary feature film, mama bearis touring the festival circuit this summer after premiering at SXSW, and will premiere at Outfest on July 22. According Varietythe first trailer shares insight into the journeys women have traveled to gain acceptance, whether from their LGBTQ+ children or themselves, while battling religious stigma. mama bear follows the creation of a Facebook group of mothers who sought a community that wanted to spread love without compromising their faith, proposing that the two ideals are not mutually exclusive, and the importance of perspective and understanding.

Directed and produced by the Emmy winner Daresha Kyi, the trailer opens to stained glass windows in a church as a woman leafs through the scriptures over a cup of coffee. The woman is Kimberly Shapleymother of transgender daughter Kai, former “Tea Party Republican”, and only one of the women mama bear columns that now champion the safety and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. The trailer features a Midwestern mom, Sara Cunninghamprofessing her love for her deeply personal faith and beliefs, and how those same beliefs are what simultaneously drove her from the despair of learning her son was gay to the acceptance and formation of the “Free Mom Hugs” movement during pride parades. mama bear also highlights Tammi Terrell Morrisa woman who has struggled to come to terms with her own sexuality due to her religion, and who portrays the importance of a mother’s support in the film.


Each of the women in the documentary struggled to get along with the queer community due to their strict upbringings in “fundamentalist, evangelical” Christian homes. Kyi’s documentary aims to explore a unique perspective on the modern world’s path to acceptance by highlighting how a mother’s life is transformed when conservative Christian teachings are challenged.

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In the trailer, a woman says, “It was really hard to find another Christian I could relate to until I met the Mama Bears,” and went on to explain how it was. support group that had led her to defend the fundamental human cause. rights of the LGBTQ+ community. The trailer provides comments from other women who have been ostracized from their Christian communities – friends and family – simply for asserting the existence of their children, as well as comments from queer people who have benefited from the Free Hugs movement when their own families have disowned them.

A mother on the importance of love and support for her LGBTQ+ child:

“Once you know how important it is to fight for your child, there is nothing you can do but fight for them.”

The documentary features personal films, photographs and intimate interviews with those affected by the tumultuous relationship between politics, faith and unconditional love. mama bear marks NYU Film School graduate Kyi’s second feature documentary, following her biographical documentary, chavelaon the life of the Costa Rican-Mexican singer Chavela Vargas. Kyi went on to win two Webby Awards and an Emmy for his ACLU-commissioned work on the docuseries. Trans in America: Texas Strong in 2018.

mama bear is produced by Laura Tathamwho returns to work with Kyi after producing for chavelaand Austin-based filmmaker Amy Bench serves as director of photography.

mama bear will be presented at the Outfest Film Festival on July 22 and at the Traverse City Film Festival on July 28 and 29. You can find out more about the documentary at Kyi’s website and watch the Variety Exclusive Trailer on their site.

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