Morning Scorsese on Marvel: fans point out flaw in James Gunn’s clarification of director comments



Martin Scorsese fans point to a flaw in James Gunn’s clarification of his comments about the director.

Gunn, who is currently preparing to shoot his third Guardians of the Galaxy film for Marvel, was asked about Scorsese’s take on the comic book studio in a recent interview.

In 2019, Scorsese said he had ‘tried’ watching Marvel movies, saying, “But that’s not cinema. Honestly, the closest I can think of to them, as well done as they are. , with actors doing their best under the circumstances, this is the theme parks, not the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional and psychological experiences to another human being.

After Scorsese’s comments were all the rage, the filmmaker clarified his point in a New York Times essay, writes: “A lot of the elements that define cinema as I know it are not present in Marvel images. They are sequels in the name but they are remakes in the spirit, and everything in them is officially sanctioned because it cannot be otherwise.

“This is the nature of modern film franchises: researched in the market, tested by the public, verified, modified, revised and remodeled until they are ready to be consumed.”

Gunn, who acknowledged that Scorsese “said a lot of things that I agree with,” said Happy Sad Confused podcast, he thought the director was mentioning Marvel to “get attention” ahead of his new movie’s release. Scorsese made his comments during the press tour for Irish.

“So he’s creating his movie in the shadow of the Marvel movies, and so he’s using it to draw attention to something that he wasn’t attracting as much as he wanted to,” Gunn said.

After his comments were shared on social media, Gunn clarified his position by saying, “For the record, too, Martin Scorsese is probably the greatest living American filmmaker in the world. I love and study his films and will continue to love and study his films. I don’t agree with him on just one point: that movies based on comics aren’t cinema by nature, that’s all.

Martin Scorsese Clarified His Comments On Marvel Movies In “New York Times” Essay

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However, people were quick to point out that Scorsese Is like some comic book movies – he was just commenting on the Marvel formula of cinema, which requires directors to check certain boxes provided by studio bosses in order to set up future films.

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“He didn’t say that though,” one person replied to Gunn. “He praises Raimi’s first two Spider-Man films in the Decade under the influence doc and it references [Tim] Burton Batman on the commentary on the Taxi driver. “

Another person added, “Is his argument really that not all comic book movies are cinema or just Marvel’s formula for them?”

Gunn’s latest film, The suicide squad, is in theaters now.


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