Movie Review: Breaking Ohio State’s Defense Against Akron


Throughout the season, we’re going to break down the gameplay movie to highlight some pieces that went well for the Buckeyes and some that didn’t. This week’s film breakdown will highlight areas and plays that have been successful for the Buckeyes.

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Buckeye Defense Against Akron’s Attack

After the first three games, Buckeye’s defense ranked 118th nationally in total defense, allowing for 471 yards per game. During this week’s press conference, head coach Ryan Day stressed that “when you’re playing a four-man front, you want to see disruption in the backfield. ”

Message received.

The Buckeyes’ four forwards were tenacious all night and were part of a defensive unit that collected nine sacks. The call to play was aggressive with their blitz packages and stunts.

No one was more disruptive and relentless than All-American Haskell Garrett. Below are a few clips showing No.92 Garrett’s incredible combination of power with his bull rush and quickness to get around blockers.

The first three clips show Garrett’s strength with his rush on Akron left guard Ryan Beckman. Although DJ Irons eludes Garrett in this first play, he doesn’t have as much success the second and third time around. Games like these early in the game give a lot of confidence to a defensive lineman, while also helping set up other passing rush moves in later shots. This kind of pressure can also add discomfort for a quarterback.

This latest clip from Garrett shows his quick first step and ability to beat the double team between center and keeper.

Since secondary coach Matt Barnes took over as a defensive caller, there has been a noticeable increase in two-tier safety appearances and cover disguise. Over the past two weeks there has been a heavy dose of pre- and post-snap movement through the secondary. The movement from even (two high security) to odd (single high) zone cover allows an additional defender in the box for run support, as well as for zone blitz.

Here’s a clip with the Buckeye secondary showing off a two-tier security look and rolling to cover three with an area blitz. Security Ronnie hickman rolls on top at the snap of the ball and is in good position on the intended receiver in the middle.

This clip again shows a look at two heights, but this time Hickman drops to cover the deep hole (midfield) and is able to pinch to help the linebacker Steele rooms defend the road curl by receiver number three. Hickman descends to “steal” the midfield, which is safely open Craig Young showing the blitz, but ultimately falling back a bit to spy on the elusive irons.

The last clip is similar with a two-height look, but this time Hickman will fall down the middle to replace the linebacker. Tommy Eichenberg on the blitz.


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