Movie review: The real horror in ‘Halloween Ends’ is the mediocre plot

On October 13, the latest installment in the revamped “Halloween” franchise premiered, bringing audiences back to Haddonfield, Illinois for one final take on the Michael Myers and Laurie Strode conflict.

The film completes the three-film arc preceded by “Halloween” (2018) and “Halloween Kills” (2021). The three-part saga completes the 44-year-old story that began in 1978, with the original “Halloween” and Michael’s first terror on one fateful Halloween night.

While its marketing lent itself to a promising buildup, the final film fell extremely flat. The film’s plot and overall direction strayed away from its central characters and the suspenseful horror that captured audiences’ attention, opting instead to focus on a bizarre love story and create a origin for a separate villain.

The beauty of the first two films in the revamped series was in its seamless references to the original “Halloween” with more intimidating kills, matured tones, and heightened awareness.

It completely goes out the window in the final episode, removing Michael’s character from the entire first half of the film and replacing him with lackluster murders, removing Michael’s iconic but odd style of confidently stalking everyone in the neighborhood .

This film’s setup should have been the premise of the 2018 film, as it shows Laurie and her granddaughter recovering from the tragedies that unfolded in the city. The time jump and random, seeming ignorant characters were extremely frustrating, especially with the attention to detail and paranoia of the previous two films.

The best scenes, as expected, were the opening kill scene and the climactic showdown at the end. The opening scene was unlike most traditional horrors. While a more unique choice, it fell victim to an incomplete and flawed storyline.

The final showdown between Michael and Laurie is worth sitting through in agony for the rest of the film. Over 40 years of trauma are brought to this final moment in a satisfying and thrilling ending, once and for all.


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