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Wish Dragon is no ordinary animated film that makes viewers laugh and laugh. It’s the story of true friendship and how two friends with nothing in common stand up against social evils.

Like the Disney classic Aladdin (released in 1992), where an Arab peasant boy and a blue genie wreaked havoc, here the story revolves around a not-so-rich boy, who befriends a hearing dragon. wishes by mistake.

Set in contemporary China, Wish Dragon revolves around Din, a poor student who earns a living doing odd jobs. He still wants to be with his long lost childhood friend Lina, who has now become a model. Things improve when Din stumbles upon a magical teapot and releases a pink dragon named “Long” trapped inside. Together, the two embark on a hilarious adventure where they battle villains, meet Lina, and even discuss the Three Wishes.

What makes this association more interesting is that no one except Din can see the dragon, while the dragon can see everyone (and wish-granting, if you missed it!).

Written and directed by newbie Chris Appelhans and co-produced by action movie star Jackie Chan, the film features the voices of John Cho as Long and Jimmy Wong as Din. Although this is a Netflix movie, the animation, background music, and voice acting are on par with any recent animated feature, making it a must-have for those who enjoy a good animated feature film.

He draws a comparison to Aladdin, but the ancient Chinese concept of the wish dragon technically arrived long before the Arabian Nights. Some historians even believe that Aladdin is not part of the Arabian Nights and has always been Chinese folklore. In this case, Wish Dragon has taken Aladdin back to its roots, and that too in a style that will long be remembered.

With fun, cravings for action and comedy, this is surely a movie that kids want.

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