Netflix’s Teresa Moneo: I focus on ‘big budget European films’ | New

Therese Moneo, Netflix’s new global film director says one of her main targets will be “big European filmmakers and big-budget European films” following the restructuring of her EMEA team last week.

News emerged on Friday that London-based David Kosse was leaving his role as vice president of international film at Netflix as part of the EMEA restructuring. Moneo, until recently Director of International Original Film, will now lead the film’s international team, reporting to Netflix’s Head of Global Film, Scott Stuber.

Speaking at an October 3 question-and-answer session hosted by Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI), she said Stuber “has its own team that makes big-budget films – our Bird Box, The Gray Man and movies like that. In Europe, there has been recent restructuring, and I will lead the international film team and continue to help build Netflix’s growing international slate. And I will focus on European cinema – but on great European filmmakers and big budget European films.

Apart from that, Moneo said that Netflix has a network of local film directors across EMEA and MENA, each reporting to a local content director who works on movies, series as well as non-fiction. .

Throw in

Moneo urged filmmakers to submit projects to Netflix through a production company, talent agent or literary agent rather than sending in unsolicited ideas. She also recommended approaching Netflix with pitch decks rather than sending scripts.

“Ideally, a pitch deck or dossier would include a synopsis; a director’s statement that gives you an idea of ​​the film’s tone and genre; an idea of ​​the budget that this will represent; an idea of ​​what your cast is or what you would like this dream cast to be; and an idea of ​​who the audience is. It’s really, really important to think about your audience.

Moneo also urged creatives to “persist and persist” in trying to push projects past gatekeepers like Netflix. “It’s really difficult to move your project forward, but prepare a good file, prepare a good document. There are a lot of content creators looking for non-English language and English language material.

She emphasized that Netflix wants to elevate underrepresented voices and “support and represent these communities in the regions where we operate.” She cited initiatives such as the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity which was launched last year to create new opportunities for underrepresented communities within the entertainment industry.

A career in cinema

Moneo also sketched his career trajectory to WITFI members by connecting to questions and answers. Born in Spain, Moneo studied at university in the United States and began her film career in the 1990s working in acquisitions at Miramax in New York, where she bought films including that of Walter Salles. Central Station, Oscar winner Life is Beautiful and Japanese romantic comedy Shall we dance? She then moved into production, moving to the London office of Miramax.

After 11 years at Miramax, Moneo joined Focus Features where she honed her skills as a producer. “That’s where I learned about development and the importance of having a script – how everything starts and ends with the script, and how vital it is to have a real vacuum-sealed product at the start. “, she said.

At Focus, she worked on productions including that of Joe Wright Hanaby Martin McDonagh In Brugge and Lone Scherfig One day. After eight years at Focus, she took a break from her career and lived in Madrid, before returning to London three and a half years ago to help Netflix set up its international film department.

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