New English trailer for Polish film unveiled [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant has an exclusive first look at the English-language trailer for the controversial film Girls To Buy, which topped the box office in Poland.

Screen Rant can exclusively preview the English-language trailer for the controversial Polish film girls to buy (originally known as Dziewczyny z Dubaju), which will be released in theaters and on VOD on July 15 via VMI Releasing. Directed by Maria Sadowska, the film was inspired by the true stories of real women and based on the bestselling novel Dubai girls by Piotr Krysiak.

girls to buywhich brought in the most money when it opened in Poland last year, follows an ambitious young woman named Emi (Paulina Galazka) who dreams of a life beyond her small town. When the opportunity arises to become an exclusive escort, she dives in without a second thought and quickly rises through the ranks enough to launch her own VIP escort service. But she soon learns that the alluring world she once imagined – full of Polish celebrities, actors, singers and models – isn’t all crazy.


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Despite the real-world inspiration and dark material, the trailer for girls to buy delves into the glitz and glamor of the lifestyle that Emi herself purchases at the start of the film. You can watch the VMI Releasing trailer below:

Watch the full trailer here.

This is a different tactic from that employed by the original polish trailer, which has garnered nearly 3 million views – and should be viewed with caution due to its adult themes. But it’s an understandable choice, as audiences should be able to understand Emi’s mindset and why she thinks her choices are right before they start unraveling the seams of her story.

As a trailer for girls to buy is already very clear, the Polish film delves into the decadence of the high-end lifestyle that Emi finds herself in. surface. girls to buy stars Paulina Galazka (Play hard, successful woman) alongside Katarzyna Sawzcuk (the lure), Julio Berruti (Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard), and Katarzyna Figura (The player, the pianist, the revenge).


VMI Releasing is the U.S. distribution arm of VMI Worldwide, which launched in 2021 and features Burt Reynolds’ latest film, the comedy decisive moments, like its first version. Some titles they’ve handled this year include action comedy Double Threatthe horror thriller Those who walk awayand the adventure film Escape through Africa. Through their collaborative efforts, more independent and foreign films will be readily available to enthusiastic audiences in North America.

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girls to buy will be screened in US theaters and available on VOD on July 15 via VMI Releasing.

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