New images of Electro’s remade powers

The latest Spider-Man: No Way Home TV spot gives a better look at Jamie Foxx’s redesigned and more powerful Electro villain.

New Spider-Man: No Path Home The trailer features new footage of Electro’s remade powers. The Spider Man the villain with electric powers made his big screen debut in 2014 The Incredible Spider-Man 2.

Unfortunately the Electro presented in Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a drastic change from the comic book version of the character and turned out to be a disappointment to fans. Even with Jamie Foxx in the role, Electro has proven to be one of the dumbest and most maligned villains in comics in recent years. But because the power of the multiverse can right almost any wrong, Electro has a chance for redemption in Spider-Man: No Path Home. Foxx is back in the role and the character has been redesigned to make him more comic-book-like.


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The most recent TV spot for Spider-Man: No Path Home Indeed, gives Electro its little moment, giving fans another tantalizing glimpse of the character remade before the film finally hits theaters. See the clip in the space below Spider-Man: No Path Home New:

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As many fans have pointed out, there is a decidedly Tony Stark-style look for Electro in its new MCU incarnation. It could just be a way to make the character more in line with the aesthetics of the MCU age of movies. Or there might be some meaning to it that comes to light over the course of Spider-Man: No Path Home. What is certain is that the new Electro is much more beautiful than the blue version of the character seen in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and that his powers are clearly more than formidable, upping the ante on everything that happens in No way home. Indeed, Electro is not alone as an antagonist in the film, as he is joined by other Spider-Man villains Doc Ock, The Lizard, Sandman, and Green Goblin.

Multi-verse chaos is indeed the order of the day in Spider-Man: No Path Home. It remains to be seen which villain presents the most dangerous enemy for Spider-Man in the film, but Electro’s powers still make him a force to be reckoned with. Of course, fans are still hoping that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker gets some help from previous versions of Spider-Man, including the version of Andrew Garfield who took on Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. At this point, many fans will be disappointed if Garfield and / or Tobey Maguire don’t make an appearance in Spider-Man: No Path Home, but even if they don’t, the film clearly has a lot to offer when it comes to opening up Marvel’s multi-verse and unleashing as much madness as it can get.

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