Night Raiders trailer reveals sci-fi drama from producer Taika Waititi


Samuel Goldwyn Films has released the official trailer for his upcoming film Raiders of the night. It is written and directed by Danis Goulet, which will be her directorial debut, and was produced by Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok, free guy).

The trailer begins with the protagonist Niska, played by Elle-Máijá tail feathers (White Indians walking, The body remembers when the world opened up), as she tries to escape a drone chasing her daughter. They allude to a war that happened in the past which caused the complete abandonment of a town they were passing through. When they meet a man who believed his son was the only free child left, it is revealed that in this dystopian world, children are not free.

In the trailer, we learn that the Academy is a place where all children are taken and forced to train in order to fight in a war.

Niska’s daughter appears to have been taken away by the Academy, which leads her to a group of people who appear to be fighting against the Academy and their organization. The official synopsis of Raiders of the night gives some more clues about Niska’s plot and journey:

2043 – in a dystopian future, military occupation controls disenfranchised towns in postwar North America. Children are considered the property of the regime which trains them to fight. A desperate Cree woman joins an underground vigilante group to infiltrate a state children’s academy and get her daughter back. A parable about the plight of First Nations, Night Raiders is a female-led sci-fi drama about resilience, courage and love.


Image via Samuel Goldwyn Films

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With Tailfeathers, Raiders of the night stars Brooklyn Letexier-Hart (Burden of truth), Gail Maurice (Cardinal, Johnny Greyeyes), Amanda plummer (pulp Fiction, Hunger Games – Catching Fire), Alex tarrant (Solitary, Vegas), Violet Nelson (The body remembers when the world opened up), Shaun Sipos (The vampire diary, Krypton), and Suzanne Cyr (Suit, Wedding planners). It will focus on Tailfeathers’ character, Niska, as she joins a vigilante group in order to save her daughter from the Academy, a state-run institution.

Raiders of the night is set to premiere on November 12, in theaters and on digital and on-demand. Watch the official trailer below:

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