No Way Home footage expands on key moments from the trailer


Images from Spider-Man: No Way Home expand on key moments from the trailer, including a scene with Doctor Strange from Cumberbatch and a jump with MJ from Zendaya.

New images for Spider-Man: No Path Home develop the key moments of the trailer. Spider-Man: No Path Home is the third entry in the MCU’s standalone Spider-Man films, starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker, alongside Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and Marisa Tomei. The series served to expand Peter Parker / Spider-Man’s presence in the MCU, while also having him team up and interact with other Marvel heroes (and villains). The final film finds Spider-Man attempting to undo his identity reveal that took place in the last film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, enlisting Doctor Strange for help, leading to a multiverse snafu who seeks to change things forever.

Last month the first trailer for the film was released, which showed just how much the film leaned into the multiverse, revealing the return of at least one known villain from Sony’s previous Spider-Man films (Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock), while teasing a few others. Doctor Strange also appears to play an important role in the film, once again played by Benedict Cumberbatch. One of the key aspects of the film is that Peter Parker tries to mend his identity reveal, but it creates a conundrum as it could potentially erase his relationship with Zendaya’s GM.

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Today, GE released new information and footage from the film, focusing on some key moments that were seen in the trailer. One of those moments involves Spider-Man and MJ on top of a bridge with the police and helicopters closing in on them. In one of the new stills, the sequel to this scene is teased, as Spider-Man and MJ appear to jump off the bridge, possibly leading to an escape from their pursuers. In the second image, Spider-Man is seen on top of a car with Doctor Strange in the background, which appears to be the same setting as the one in the trailer where Strange brings Parker’s spirit out of his body. . Check out the images below:

Director Jon Watts is back to helm the final installment of the Spider-Man trilogy and will then take on a new Marvel family, namely the The Fantastic Four. Holland will also be stepping into a new starring role, taking on the role of Nathan Drake in an ownership adaptation of the video game. Unexplored with Mark Wahlberg. Zendaya also moves to another large property, starring Denis Villeneuve Dune, coming out this month. She plays the role of Chani, who should have a bigger role if the expected sequel is illuminated.

Spider-Man: No Path Home is billed as the “final” chapter of Spider-Man’s “Homecoming” journey, which would allow the character to grow and expand beyond the narrative of the high school years. It’s hard to say what that would look like, but it has already been explored in Sam Raimi’s original trilogy, as Tobey Maguire’s character becomes a photographer for The Daily Bugle, as he did in the comics. Holland and the rest of the cast still seem committed to the franchise, so whatever direction the webslinger goes next, chances are they’d be willing to adapt. With Venom: let there be carnage director Andy Serkis already teasing a potential Venom / Spider-Man encounter, anything seems possible in the future. Spider-Man: No Path Home hits theaters on December 17, 2021.

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