Official customization trailer for Saints Row Goes All Out

In the Saints Row universe, it was always clear that you were the boss. Pushing this credible envelope to the maximum, deep silver and Volition offer insane customization options for all players. For the next Saints Row reboot, they can anticipate the return of wacky features with the new customization trailer. Narrated by members of The Saints, audiences are in for an action-packed trailer. Expect a bit of this familiar Saints Row humor to appear in the trailer.

Become your own boss in Saints Row

There are no shortcuts here: the customization options are nearly endless. In Saints Row mode, the customization trailer features various dynamic characters that move in style. A simple choice of voice and hair color will not suffice. From tattoos to oddly colored teeth, Deep Silver and Volition dive into weird territory for customization. This even includes fully rigged vehicles that you can modify at the garage. If you’re looking to craft yourself a Batmobile with ejection seats, tough armor, and sharp steering abilities, check out the trailer here:

In addition to creating characters and vehicles, you will also be able to change all aspects of your weapons. Expected weapon mods aside, Saints Row gives the player a full range to decorate their guns. You can scare your enemies with hot pink decals or rough yellow shiny texture. There’s a metallic option for those who aren’t afraid to adapt their style. Of course, you can always redesign a missile launcher to look like a guitar case. It’s up to you.

Overall, your HQ will need an improved appearance to support you and your Saints. If the Saints want to reach the top of Santo Ileso, you might need to start investing in some new scenery. You have until August 23 of this year to erase your game program when Saints Row finally starts. Be sure to leave a comment below about the options you’ll try when creating your pattern!

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