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Unique and emotional



What is the film about?

Aadi (Sharwanand), Chaitu (Priyadarshi) and Srinu (Vennela Kishore) have their own issues. They get a second chance at life when scientist Paul (Nasser) sends them back twenty years using his time machine. The rest of the story is whether they can change fate knowing fully what is about to happen.


Oke Oka Jeevitham is Sharwanand’s 30th film. Sharwanand plays the role of a socially fearful person who lacks the greatest life support, his mother. The character requires him to play a character who constantly feels the pain inside. Sharwa is known for playing such characters easily. He succeeded this time too. The piece in which we see him controlling his tears when Amala talks about him in the missing episode is exemplary.

Amala Akkineni plays the hero’s mother and the most important character in the story. She’s a great choice because she adds freshness to the story and brings sensitivity to the entire emotional trail of the film. It will be a feather in his hat.

Vennela Kishore got a good role after a long time. It brings much needed relief to many places. Good handwriting also helped. Priyadarshi is doing well but we will definitely feel that he is underutilized.

Nasser is a good candidate as a scientist. Ritu Varma gets a small role and she is doing well. It’s good that the director didn’t try to use it more, which would have diluted the task at hand. The children who played the roles of the three friends are good. Above all, the boy who played the character of Vennela Kishore.


Newcomer Shree Karthick directed Oke Oka Jeevitham. It’s a mix of sci-fi and motherly feeling. But then, the movie is mostly a motherly feeling movie, but the sci-fi element is used as the basis to make it happen. It’s a smart and appreciable decision to limit the visual effects.

The storyline is very simple but unique. It has a strong emotion and at the same time, an unprecedented hue with the Time Machine.

He is immediately in the business by returning very quickly to the story. We see the Time Machine and immediately the three important characters are introduced and established. Vennela Kishore’s comedy as a real estate broker works.

The story becomes gripping when Nasser enters. The first half of the film is a decent watch. There are no fireworks and at the same time we don’t have many complaints. The twist that comes in between is interesting and keeps the audience engaged. The way he smartly threw the interval shot without spoon feeding.

The second half begins on a slow note. With the interval twist, we’re expecting some nostalgic Time Machine moments but the director didn’t give them much thought. The steps become slow. Above all, the parts involving children will be boring and the film will quickly go to the pre-climax. But even here we get occasional relief with comedy. After this period, the graph becomes higher. The director managed to stir up heartwarming emotions towards the end. The audience is also treated with a good message without becoming a preacher. The director’s success is how perfectly even an anti-climax is conveyed.

It’s a pretty decent attempt for a beginner. Also, it deserves appreciation for not deviating from the story with commercial elements like songs and love songs. Oke Oka Jeevitham feels like a satisfying watch despite its share of issues here and there. A little more depth would have made for a much better product but still the team deserves a pat on the back.

Overall, Oke Okka Jeevitham is a sci-fi drama that draws its premise emotionally without relying on graphics and avoiding complexity. If you want to watch something unique and different from the routine, it’s definitely worth a try this weekend.

Music and other departments?

As said before, director Shree Karthick has come up with a good job for a newcomer. It has its share of issues here and there, but it’s a largely satisfying start. The best part of Oke Oka Jeevitham is its good technical departments. Sujith Sarang found good visuals. The way different color tones are used for different time zones is nice.

The production design is good. Some may have expected something more accumulated for a time machine. The VFX is good for the scale of this movie. Jakes Bejoy came up with excellent sound design. The songs are passable and blend into the proceedings, but the film lacks a hit parade. In particular, a better Amma song would have done wonders. The editing could have been better here and there, especially in the early parts of the second half.

Strong points?

fresh plot
Sharwanand’s performance
Comedy by Vennela Kishore
Sound design and visual quality


Rhythm issues
Second half opening games
Lack of Chartbuster songs

Did I enjoy?


Will you recommend it?


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