One Piece Producer Asks About RED’s Canon Timeline

The next film in the world of A piece takes a drastically different approach in bringing back the long-awaited pirate known as Shanks, but a recent blurb from the film’s producer has fans wondering if the next film will be a Straw Hats sequel. With Shanks’ return long overdue, being one of the main players responsible for sending Luffy on his way, One Piece: Red is one of Grand Line’s most anticipated journeys to date.

Just like the dragonball movies, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly when, or in fact if, the events of the One Piece movies took place in the main timeline, with the likes of One Piece: Stampede being a prime example of a movie that seemingly takes place outside of the main anime series. While the Shonen franchise has had movies that acted as recaps of events in the series, it’s also had plenty of movies in which their status in the main continuity is questionable given the timelines involved.

Toei Animation producer Shinji Shimizu said in a recent interview that the film is expected to be “a separate story” from the series’ main canon, but there will be elements that apparently reveal new canon information about the story of the straw hat. Pirates. Shimizu also noted that he’s tried to get a Shanks movie made countless times in the past, speaking directly to creator Eiichiro Oda, and only now was he able to. go full steam ahead.

Currently, Netflix is ​​working hard on the live-action adaptation of A piecewith the core of Straw Hat Pirates from the series’ early days having already been cast, although there’s no word yet on whether Shanks will be making an appearance or if big-name actors have been cast like the former ” big Brother “. to Luffy who helped start it all.

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