Paranormal Activity 7 trailer reveals horror story of demon possession


The full Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin trailer reveals plot details about teenagers discovering a brand new demonic possession in a secluded house.

The new trailer for Paranormal activity: next of kin shows fuller details of the plot surrounding the film’s demonic possession. The Founded Images franchise, established in 2007, told the story of a variety of families terrorized by a demon known as Toby. The previous movie, 2015 Paranormal activity: the phantom dimension, was announced as the last film in the series.

Follow-up six years later Next of kin, which will air exclusively on Paramount + starting October 29, was quite a surprise. It is not known how closely the film will follow the previous films. Still, it has a strong connection to the franchise from screenwriter Christopher Landon, who previously wrote Paranormal activity 2, 3, and 4, as well as writing and directing the fifth film, the spin-off Paranormal activity: the marked ones. The film will be directed by William Eubank.

Previously, Paranormal activity 7 had only received a short teaser, so plot details had been murky for some time. However, today on their YouTube channel, JoBlo shared the first full-length trailer for Paranormal activity: next of kin. Now fans can explore the plot they can expect in much more depth. The trailer shows a group of teenagers accompanying a young woman to film a documentary about reconnecting with her biological family, only to discover that the family has a sinister secret. Check out the trailer below:

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Source: JoBlo

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