Paw Patrol: The movie review


How do you turn a beloved Canadian preschool animated television series into a big screen release for everyone to enjoy this summer? Add a splash of Gotham spirit, a colorful joker, and an orphan backstory (or two) into the mix with Paw Patrol.

Bigfoot Family’s Carl Bunker and Bob Barlen teamed up with the writing of Billy Frolick from Madagascar and made up a believable story about the infamous and resourceful puppies saving the day for all, with an environmental message looming like a thunderstorm cloud above. It sounds like a lot of things on the plate of a ‘U’ movie, but the filmmakers simply oversized the power of the paw and turned the adorable puppies into big city superheroes, after taking them out of their field. Adventure Bay normal game play.

Boy leader Ryder (voiced by Will Brisbin) and his team of six brave puppies called Chase (Iain Armitage), Marshall (Kingsley Marshall), Rubble (Keegan Hedley), Rocky (Callum Shoniker), Skye (Lilly Bartlam) and Zuma (Shayle) Simons) are walking around the bay when they receive an SOS at their HQ from the intelligent stray Dachshund Liberty (voiced by a brilliant Marsai Martin). It seems that Adventure City’s mayor Humdinger (voiced by Ron Pardo), openly corrupt and utterly narcissistic (voiced by Ron Pardo), a cat lover, not only enforces the law against dogs, but also tries to play god with the weather and cause a big welcome parade to ride itself with a bang.

Naturally, the intrepid team of puppies, with catchy slogans, spring into action. Only Chase is reluctant to venture into the city after being abandoned there years earlier and still very much haunted by it. Can puppies ensure the safety of citizens – animals and humans alike – on time, while putting the Humdinger wild card out of action? More importantly, can Chase defeat his own demons?

Let’s face it: it didn’t take much more to improve the puppy game when you have notorious canine characters with distinctive personalities already known to the film’s target audience. So the creators can jump right into the action. The plot of a city under siege and the underdog (pardon the pun) becoming the unlikely hero is nothing new. Therefore, the writers are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but simply put the adorable dogs in a different environment to see how they fare. What also works in the film’s favor is an age-old ‘cat lover vs. dog lover’ trigger play that has provided family audiences with plenty of thrill for years.

Another successful aspect of the TV series and this movie that feeds little imagination is the gadgets used by the puppies. And fans won’t be disappointed here. The heroes have new, high-tech “toys” that will always be familiar to them and improve the individual strengths of the puppies. They also have a brand new head office in the city center. The irony of the commodity potential here after the screening isn’t lost either, with funny nods in the movie itself.

The big screen adventure effortlessly focuses on the effects of abandonment and battling through adversity, with Puppy Leader Chase being the key to those moments and aided by an ever-disarming and thoughtful Ryder. In fact, there might be a whole new story ready to be tapped for this key human character that could spawn more spinoffs – much like a ‘Paw Patrol Avengers’ series, with ramifications focusing on how all the puppies became. You heard it here.

In fact, the Show Thief is the new Liberty character who is the Paw Patrol’s personal city guide, warden, and greatest ally. Black star Martin is like a seasoned voiceover pro like Regina King or Cree Summer, not only having too much fun voicing Liberty, but also fully fleshing out his confident style. The Dachshund doesn’t pale in insignificance next to its famous canine co-stars, but actually stands out on its own in this area. The end result offers an exciting new high for all viewers who can return home singing the theme’s melody even happier and louder than before.

The only downside is that the resident patrol dog Skye doesn’t get as much attention in the story, even though she saves the city in her own way. We’re still unaware of what thrills the brave pro pilot as a character.

That said, Paw Patrol: The Movie manages to keep the whole family entertained, with its adventurous spirit, team spirit, cool gadgets, slapstick gags, a Chickaletta appearance, as well as shameless winks. to Batman for older viewers. It could be that movie ingeniously targeting the whole family at the box office this summer break.

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