PRIZEFIGHTER (2022) Movie trailer: Russell Crowe and Ray Winston star in Daniel Graham’s boxing biopic

Prizefighter Trailer

Daniel Grahamit is Fighter (2022) movie trailer was released by First video. The Fighter trailer stars Matt hooks, Russell Crowe, Ray Winston, Marton Csokas, jodhi may, Julien Glover, Lucia Martin, Glen Foxand Ricky Chaplin.


Matt hooks wrote the screenplay Fighter. Paul Saunderson created the music for the film. Ben Braham Ziryab designed the film’s cinematography.


Plot Synopsis

FighterPlot Synopsis: Based on the true story of Jem Belcher, “Jem Belcher was born into poverty and raised by his grandfather, a former boxer who struggled with addiction. Desperate to earn a living and honor his grandfather’s legacy, he seeks the mentorship of a renowned trainer, who nurtures his natural talent and trains him to become the greatest fighter in the world. Jem is champion of England and first in the world before an accident leaves him partially blind, causing a destructive fall. Jem must prove himself once again and fight the last boxing champion in a brutal contest to reclaim his title once and for all.

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Prizefighter Trailer

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