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There are a few writers at Comic Years who love anime. I tend to lean a lot more on the romance, slice of life side. Call me crazy, but with all the chaos in the world I just want something to make me feel good. Of course, not all shojo anime are created equal. Some delve into deeper topics, such as loss, anxiety, or even death. The quintuplets par excellence it is a little less serious. The principle of the series is simple. A poor tutor takes on the academic fate of five sisters who want nothing to do with learning. The series, which is definitely fun, also has some lovely moments of life lessons learned in real time. Good news: fans of the anime will soon be able to see the film premiering in 2022. If you liked the anime, you will definitely want to check it out. The quintuplets par excellence movie trailer.

Here’s the Bride: This is the first trailer for The quintuplets par excellence Movie

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After the second season of The quintuplets par excellence, we learned that at least one of the five sisters is withdrawing from the race. What is at stake, might ask non-observers? The overall mystery of the show is who ends up marrying Futaro, the guardian who ends up teaching them who they really are. In a manga turned anime rich in romance, drama and humor, this is the most suspenseful part of the series. We technically have a sister out of the race following Miku’s candid statement at the end of season two. That leaves four sisters who could fall in love with Futaro before all is said and done.

The manga ended in February 2020 just three years ago as an ongoing series in Weekly Shōnen magazine in Japan. The series arrived in the West in translated volumes. With an anime taking off, the final season ended up turning into a full-fledged theatrical release. This is a trend that we are seeing more and more of with the growing popularity of anime. In the new trailer for the film, we see The quintuplets par excellence briefly in small thumbnails similar to the beautiful anime animations.

Masato Jinbo is directing the film, with the main staff of the second season returning to reprise their roles. That means it will finally wrap up the series in a big way. That said, some fans, myself included, are wondering if a movie is the best way to end this story.

Will more anime series move to featured movies for big conclusions?

The quintessential quintuplets movie trailer Image Credit: Crunchyroll

It is not yet something that is happening in large numbers, but you can feel it. More and more anime production companies seem to view the films presented as a good way to wrap up the main storyline. We do not see a better example of this than the Demon Slayer: Mugen Train box office record surpassing Abducted as if by magic in Japan. This is a manga-turned-anime that is only a few years, not decades, surpassing perhaps the best Studio Ghibli film in history. If the money is there, then studios will benefit a lot more from theatrical releases than from traditional series shows.

It is undeniable that the growing popularity of anime in the West is part of this phenomenon. Like The quintuplets par excellence the movie picks up a third season of anime, I wonder what the better move is. As long as we get everything adapted from the manga that matters, I’m happy. That said, 13 30-minute episodes of an anime are much longer than a 2-hour movie.

The rhythm in a movie is also very different from a series. With millions of readers and viewers of the manga and anime, The quintuplets par excellence is one of the most beloved shojo stories of late. This award-winning anime might do better with a series, but that’s the reality we have. For a story I love so much, I’m afraid a movie is the quickest and least efficient way to wrap things up. I’m afraid a movie will also offer less time to breathe. We’ll just have to wait and see when the movie comes out next year.

The quintuplets par excellence Movie trailer reveals May 20, 2022 release date

In the new trailer, a release date for The quintuplets par excellence revealed an arrival in theaters on May 20, 2022. That means we’ll have the film in a few months. This is great news for fans who might be worried that a big gap is looming before this story concludes. Nonetheless, we will soon see our favorite quintuplets and our beloved tutor again.

If you’re excited for the film’s arrival, let us know in the comments. Also take the time to express yourself on the film vs. series approach. I don’t think there is a “right” way to end a great anime, but I want your advice too. If you want to see the show, stream the first two seasons on Crunchyroll now!

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