Read this before you see the more they fall


As incredible as the on-screen talent is for “The Harder They Fall”, the caliber of behind-the-scenes talent is just as impressive. For example, Jeymes Samuel is directing and co-writing the film, and you might know him from his previous work on the soundtrack for films like “The Great Gatsby” and directing the 2013 western film “They Die By Dawn”.

Samuel was a fan of Western movies as a child, but noticed that something was missing in the genre once he grew up – mostly black cowboys and strong female characters. Samuel said he had studied “all these fantastic characters that we never knew about”, so he came up with the idea to “collect all these real characters that really existed”. [and] place them in the same place both like the Avengers. For Samuel, the real characters of “The Harder They Fall” are essentially the “gods of the Wild West”.

Samuel co-wrote the screenplay alongside Boaz Yakin, known for his work on screenplays for films like “The Rookie” and “Now You See Me”. And Samuel also worked with Shawn Carter, aka Jay-Z, to create the original music for the film, which he began to formulate as he wrote the script. Carter, who is a producer pictured, was also a reference for a few story notes along the way. As Samuel explained, “When I was stuck in some places with the script, I would call him and he would say, ‘Okay, I’ve been through this before, and the person didn’t want to release the script. gun then.… Not only does he know westerns, he grew up in the Old West in Brooklyn, and… he’s just well versed in everything I go to. Audiences can expect to hear the styles of other musicians as well. notable, including Lauryn Hill, Kid Cudi, and the Fisk Jubilee Singers.

Aside from having a distinct take on the characters, story, and music, Samuel was also immensely inspired when it came to the look of the film, citing Kadir Nelson’s illustrations as inspiration for his sets and the production design of the film. Overall, “The Harder They Fall” is a genre film that brings together important historical figures for a heartbreaking new adventure, backed by leading actors and creatives at the top of their game.

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