Review: ‘School for Good and Evil’ Is a Fascinating Fantasy Film

If you’re a fan of magical worlds, you’ll love ‘School for Good and Evil’, a film with a world that will encapsulate you and leave you wanting more.


Childhood best friends Agatha, played by Sofia Wylie, and Sophie, played by Anne Caruso, are whisked away to an enchanted school where budding fairytale heroes and villains are trained. The two end up on opposite sides of good and evil and believe there must be a mistake.

The film also stars Charlize Theron as Lady Lesso and Kerry Washington as Clarissa Dovey.

what i liked

The visuals throughout the film. From magical castles to ordinary clothes, everything about the movie is gorgeous. I found myself mesmerized by every frame, because it’s shocking how real everything in this film is.

Although somewhat predictable, the plot and world-building are incredible. Going from just a dull town to a magical land that’s new, yet familiar was so intriguing. Using classic storybook characters makes the movie more enjoyable and the movie doesn’t have to spend time explaining everything. This movie really made me want to see more and go read the books.

What I didn’t like

The clumsiness of some of the plot and lines in general. Parts of the movie make you cringe, especially with the heavy play on “good” and “evil” stereotypes, but you really have to hang in there until the end and it kinda all makes sense.

The ability to forgive. I feel like the movie just glosses over a lot of the intimidating characters, just saying just sorry. If it was me and my longtime friend (like family) constantly getting mad at me, I’d be at least a little mad and take a little while to forgive them, but the movie kinda puts a bandage over it.


The characters in this movie keep you interested while the visuals completely pull you in. It’s so nice to have a fantastic new land that finds new ways to spark your imagination. I can’t wait for this saga to continue.

I would give “The School of Good and Evil” a 6 out of 10.

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