Rocky 4 Director’s Cut makes the movie more epic


Rocky IV’s highly anticipated director’s cut is revealed in an epic new trailer, showing off new footage of Rocky, Drago, Apollo Creed and more.

The eagerly awaited Rocky IV The director’s cut has been revealed in an epic new trailer, showing off new footage of Rocky Balboa, Ivan Drago, Apollo Creed and more. Considered by many to be everyone’s greatest fight Rocky franchise, The Battle of Rocky vs. Drago first premiered in 1985, grossing over $ 300 million worldwide on a budget of just $ 28 million. While this may not be the biggest movie in the series, Rocky IV is unequivocally still a classic.

Due to the many disappointments of Rocky V – a movie that some would prefer to claim does not exist – Rocky IV is sort of the highlight of the original series. The story of Rocky IV came back in force in Creed II, who saw Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) fight Ivan Drago’s son, with Dolph Lundgren returning to face Sylvester Stallone again. Now, the original duel between Rocky and Drago returns in theaters for a limited release of the director’s new version.

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A new trailer for the Rocky IV director’s cut, features a preview of the footage added, the new cut supposedly adds 40 minutes to the film’s overall length, and the trailer does a great job of rekindling excitement for the Rocky vs. Drago fight again. The director’s cut of Rocky IV will have a one-night theatrical premiere only on November 11, followed by a digital release on November 12.

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One of the biggest additions to the Rocky IV Director’s cut is an extended version of the Apollo vs. Drago fight, which promises to be even more exciting this time around. Paulie’s robot from the original Rocky IV was also cut. Hopefully Stallone’s new version of Rocky IV will be the perfect way to watch the classic film, and it won’t be long before fans can judge the final product for themselves.

The Rocky IV the director’s cut is not the only one Rocky neither is the project Stallone has been working on lately. The series creator also said he’s working on a Rocky prequel series set before the events of the original Oscar-winning film, which he wants to produce for streaming in the future. Creed III also on the horizon, although Stallone is not on the screen. For anyone waiting for the next movie, or for anyone just looking for a healthy dose of action-packed nostalgia, the Rocky IV the director’s cut looks like an exciting return to a movie classic.

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