SAVED BY RUBY (2022) Movie Trailer: State Trooper Grant Gustin joins the elite K-9 unit with a shelter dog

Saved by Ruby Trailer

Shea Kattit’s Saved by Ruby (2022) movie trailer was released by netflix. the Saved by Ruby trailer stars Grant Gustin, Wolf Scott, Kaylah Zander, Camille Sullivan, Tom McBeathand Sharon Taylor.


Karen Janszen wrote the screenplay Saved by Ruby. Joy Ngiaw created the music for the film. David Bercovici-Artieda designed the film’s cinematography.


Plot Synopsis

Saved by RubyPlot Synopsis: “State Trooper Dan (Grant Gustin) dreams of joining the K-9 search and rescue team, but no one will give him the chance. Shelter dog Ruby dreams to have a home, but she loses hope.When fate brings Dan and Ruby together, it’s their unbreakable bond that helps them through their toughest challenge yet.

What is a State Trooper? :

Trooper is a rank used by several civilian law enforcement organizations in the United States. In its plural form, soldiers, it usually refers to sworn members of a state law enforcement agency, state police, state highway patrol, or department of public security of the state, even if these agents are not necessarily of the rank of soldier.

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Saved by Ruby Trailer

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