Scariest horror movies: 15 of the scariest movies of all time, ranked in order of jump scares

In theory, the adrenaline that comes with watching a horror movie’s most terrifying and chilling moments is where the genre finds its real magic.

Brain-eating zombies, purge-style house invasions, slashers, things that hustle at night, and demonic possessions. Quite simply, horror movies are a staple in movie history.

Whether you love the adrenaline rush of a horror movie or love the frequent jumping, snuggling up with a horror movie on a dark night is what many of us consider the perfect night.

However, which movies are most likely to knock you out of your skin?

To delight – and relax – to the bone, has compiled a list of the scariest horror movies that are most likely to have you jumping, screaming, and shivering throughout.

Without further ado, here are the 15 movies with the most jumps recorded, using the database where is the jump. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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