Shakun Batra on Gehraiyaan’s plot, reveals he received abusive emails: “He started wondering if I’m rational…”

by Shakun Batra Gehraiyaan, featuring Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday and Dhairya Karwa released on Amazon Prime to polarized reviews. While many called it a “domestic noir” and praised the film for its dark undertones, others felt it was entirely too jerky and fragmented, with a particular twist in the second half. The film delves deep into the darker side of modern relationships and explores different types of connections between the people in the film.

Speaking to Sucharita Tyagi, Shakun said he felt “cognitive dissonance, initially, due to the contrasting opinions”. He also mentioned the abusive email he received in which someone swore at him saying he shouldn’t have done the movie. Yet, on the other hand, another psychologist contacted him to ask the reason for his characters, which brought out more dissonance.

“I started asking myself not only if I’m rational, but everyone who agreed or disagreed, if they’re rational. When I made the movie, I wanted a conversation about why the characters choose to make those decisions. Now that this conversation is happening, I can’t choose to correct those conversations, it’s not my job to correct someone’s interpretation. That’s what he is become, and it’s poles apart. I have to understand that truth is everything.

Discuss if Gehraiyaan was “black servant” as he was often called, Shakun explained that’s why they stopped calling him that during marketing, because he was advised against it, and afterwards he was happy because he wanted to see how the “surprises” – meaning a genre change midway through the film – would land. He also talked about the complexity of the emotional scene between Naseeruddin Shah and Deepika Padukone in the film, where the barriers are swept away between the two of them, and how he discussed the scene with his girlfriend the day before filming.

“I always knew it was a pivotal moment, I shot that scene earlier – and it was much shorter, and my co-writer saw the scene and said we needed it to go. further. So we did another draft of it, I was sitting with my girlfriend and I was talking to her about it, and she said things to me that stuck in my mind. The scene was cut, edited , discussed on various calls, and he said he was so nervous before they performed the scene again.

Gehraiyaan is streaming on Amazon Prime.

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