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2016 To sing was way more fun than it got allowed to be, and with a star-studded cast, a gill-stuffed soundtrack, a set of furry animated heroes, and British hero from director Garth Jennings (Son of Rambow, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) at the helm, it was never going to be a wonder.

Enough on, Sing 2 is getting ready now, and with the launch of a shiny new trailer (which features flying pigs, dancing elephants, and a lion that eerily looks like an Irish rockstar) Jennings has spoken to Empire to help break it down in detail.

Songs from U2!

The trailer opens with the return of punk-rock porcupine Ash (Scarlett Johansson) singing “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” the song that runs through the trailer. “There are actually four U2 songs in the movie,” says Jennings, “including a new one. And they all have real significance in terms of history. They’re not just there like a needle drop – they’re embedded in the DNA of what’s going on throughout the movie. In keeping with the tone of that opening song, Jennings promises that the experience will be “unabashedly cheerful” but also “ridiculously emotional.” My mother will not survive this movie.

Bono real!

Sing 2

In addition to providing music, Bono himself will be in the film, voicing a legendary lion rock star named Clay Calloway; in the trailer, he saw the song’s opening riff play. “I can’t imagine anyone more generous,” Jennings says of her collaboration with the rock star. Lions are tricky to animate – “as far as rigging and hair effects are concerned, it’s a lot of work” – but one thing turned out to be too heavy for the filmmakers: Bono’s character will not be wearing the lions. famous Bono glasses. “We tried them out in early designs,” says Jennings. “Problem is, they look good on Bono, but they look weird on a lion. A lion has a massive head. For some reason, this just seems ridiculous.

A great Vegas show!

Sing 2

Matthew McConaughey is reprising his role as koala Buster Moon, the owner of the Moon Theater from the first film which “is now targeting the big boys,” Jennings explains. When a talent scout comes to visit him, Buster decides to put on a huge stage show in a big city similar to Vegas. “I mean, the first time around, they just had to play the piano or dance on stage,” says Jennings. “In this one it’s like, no you must have Fire. Let’s put Gunter on a tightrope. Let’s have spaceships. Inspired by Vegas stalwarts like Cirque du Soleil, the show “is getting really big and starting to get out of hand in terms of scale.”

A lead role of Adam Buxton!

Sing 2

Jennings is known for his collaborations with his friend Adam Buxton, having made regular appearances on the Buxton podcast and the 6 Music radio show. The first one To sing saw Buxton’s cameo as a gorilla – will the sequel see a similar cameo? “You won’t see an Adam Buxton cameo,” reveals Jennings. “You will see a lead part. Adam Buxton has been elevated to star status. The actor and podcaster plays Klaus Kingclobber, a “sadistic proboscis monkey choreographer” who trains Johnny the Gorilla, voiced by Taron Egerton. “I still don’t think Adam fully believes in it,” Jennings said. “He said to me ‘I’m sure you’re going to replace me with Zach Galifianakis or whatever’.”

Elephants Doing Dirty Dancing Elevators!

Sing 2

In Sing 2, nobody puts baby in a corner – or rather, nobody puts a huge elephant in the corner, like that Dirty dance-esque elevator demonstrates. “It was one of the most difficult shots in the film to make, strangely enough,” recalls Jennings. “The animation lasted three months. All the costumes were designed by fashion designers Rodarte. We had to learn how to put them together and make the layers interact in the right way … suddenly it’s like, ‘Oh my god’. Months and months of trying to make it all right.

More songs!

Sing 2

For a film titled To sing, expect to sing. The first film featured over 60 songs on its soundtrack, and the sequel will be packed as well, with Pharell Williams and Halsey among guest stars joining U2. “There are a lot of them,” says Jennings. “But they are treated in more substantial musical ways. I mean, we open with a big four minute number. While there isn’t a repeat of the wild scat singer Shooby Taylor from the first movie (“I think lightning can only strike once there”), Jennings promises “some bizarre musical choices as well as big, hard hitting hits, it’s like doing a compilation for your friend.

Sing 2 arrives in UK cinemas on January 28, 2022.

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