Sonic Dunks On Mario’s Small Bum In The Movie Trailer

Poor Mario can’t take a break right now. Not only is he voiced by Chris Pratt, who looks exactly like Chris Pratt, but he’s also had his best asset nerfed in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. – her ass. That’s right, fans were quick to notice that the plumber’s behind is much flatter than usual. And now even his old rival is shooting him while he’s down.

In a story that feels like it’s straight out of the console wars of the 1990s, Sonic made fun of Mario’s butt. Building on the discussion after the Mario trailer, the Sonic movie account tweeted that it “couldn’t relate” to criticism over its rival’s appearance. Even better, he specifically alluded to Mario’s “lower body design”, calling out his behind for not being up to par.


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“Controversial lower body design? I can’t understand,” reads a tweet from the blue blur’s Twitter account. This has led fans on both sides to debate Mario’s ass and whether it’s big enough for the movie.

It’s also clearly a swipe at Sonic’s original movie design. While ugly Sonic is now best known for his weird face, true fans will remember that it was actually the legs that were the first to come under fire. The initial posters only showed Sonic’s legs, which were oddly defined and, most ominously, human. So even if it wasn’t his ass at stake, Sonic can certainly relate to the lower half of his body being up for debate.

However, that’s not the only aspect of the Mario movie to be criticized. The casting of Chris Pratt as Mario instead of his longtime voice actor Charles Martinet has come under fire since it was announced last year. More recently, comedian Tara Strong threw her support behind Martinet, saying he should have been able to play her character in the film. A good number of people share this sentiment, though some feel Martinet’s voice is best served in the games’ limited dialogue, rather than a full movie script.

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