‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2’ hits $6.25 million in preview – Deadline

SATURDAY AM WRITETHRU after Friday PM post: No, the family moviegoers had never left.

Can you hear that Disney CEO, Bob Chapek? (Admit it: This was always the seasonal churn for Disney+; that’s why turn red skipped cinemas).

Families turned Spider-Man: No Coming Home in the third highest grossing movie of all time with $803 million, and they kept Sing 2 in the top 10, 14 of 15 weekends in the picture for a total of $162 million in the United States. And further emphasizing that family audiences haven’t lost their appetite for movies during the pandemic is Paramount’s sonic the hedgehog 2, who recorded a $26.5M Friday (including $6.25 million previews), for what appears to be like a $67M – $69M opening in 4,234 theaters. That’s more than the first film’s 3-day $58 million. This is the 5th slam-dunk, No 1 opening by Paramount during the pandemic after A Quiet Place: Part II, Scream, Jackass Forever and The lost city. There is great optimism among sources who Sonic 2 will go higher once the matinees take effect.


In what was destined to be shattered according to the pre-weekend follow-up is Universal/Endeavor Content’s action flick Michael Bay, Ambulance, which is slightly higher than the $2.8 million we saw on Friday yesterday, now $3.2 million, which means a $8.1M opening in 3,412 theaters in 4th place. And the film has all the Imax screens. Now, before blaming that person, that person, and Bay, the film serves as a reality check as the cinema makes a comeback. Essentially, moviegoers have become more discerning during the pandemic, and they’re particularly selective about the types of movies they’ll see. A marvel, DC, sonic the hedgehog, worth the price, especially if you go to the cinema 2-3 times a year. But if it looks like an action movie they saw on a Netflix queue, they won’t go out of their way to see it. Ambulance is obviously on a 17 day window, and given that, well, older guys will be waiting to see this at home. All of this despite the film earning the best reviews of Bay’s career, Jake Gyllenhaal doing quite well in the role, and Universal’s marketing materials testing itself well. Times have changed and a brilliant movie like 1994 Speed would struggle in today’s movie economy. Also, when it comes to action movies in theaters today, it’s the superhero movies that have everything, everything else is B-rated. They stole the air away from something as standard as Ambulance. Ambulance met in November 2020.

Meanwhile, a movie like lost city, a combo of romantic comedy and adventure; it’s a different genre that we don’t see all the time. It’s not overabundant, and because he had the right star package, opened at $30.4 million. It appealed directly to women, and there haven’t been many female demo films in the past couple of years. The Sandra Bullock-Channing Tatum movie from weekend 3 in 3,797 theaters is seeing $2.5M on Friday, -42% compared to a week ago for 3 days of $9.3M in 3rd, -37%, for a cumulative total of $68.9 million on the high end by Sunday.

sony Morbius booked in 4,268 theaters runs out of blood on weekend 2 with $10M in 2nd, -74% on the top of the range, for a cumulative total of $56.8 million. The film crossed $100 million WW on Thursday; his current aggregate sum being $102.7 million heading into the weekend.

Warner Bros.’ The Batman weekend 6 sees $6M to $6.3M-43%, for a cumulative total of $358.8 million in 5th at 3,254 pitches.

Sixth place currently goes to A24 Everything everywhere all at once with a big $5.9M third weekend of 1,250 theaters (+1,212) and a cumulative total expected by Sunday of $8.5M. The Daniels movie made $2.1 million yesterday.

We’ll have more updates for you later this morning.

sonic the hedgehog 2

Paramount’s “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”

FRIDAY AM: from Paramount sonic the hedgehog 2 grossed $6.25 million in previews from Wednesday fan screenings and Thursday sessions that began at 3 p.m. The film is expected to gross north of $50 million this weekend. Universal Content/Endeavor Ambulance doesn’t look great with $700,000 in previews in 2,800 theaters that started at 7 p.m.

sonic the hedgehog 2Thursday was $5 million, or 66%, more than the original 2020 film’s $3 million Thursday previews, which began at 5 p.m. This film saw an opening day of $20.9 million, of which previews were only 14%, and three-day and $70 million on the four-day weekend before closing at 148 .9 million. The legs of the film were indeed impacted then by the start of the pandemic and the closing of exhibitions nationwide.

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As it concerns Ambulance, the good news is that’s double the preview count of Universal’s previous action The 355, which made $350,000 in 2,300 theaters that began at 7 p.m. Thursday. The irony here with Ambulance is that it’s the highest-rated film of director Michael Bay’s career – tied with The rock, which was also 68% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes – but the film won’t hit double digits when it opens.

The logical question is why was this not sent to Peacock, day and date. I understand Universal wanted to be in Bay’s business and did a negative pickup here of Endeavor Content, which funded the photo starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza González for an estimated $40 million of dollars. Universal’s only bragging rights is that Ambulance was cheap. After the picture’s disastrous $20 million foreign box office in 59 territories, Uni is already faced with the reality that this vehicle is broken.

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Jared Leto in “Morbius”
Sony Pictures

Among the regular films released, Sony Morbius made $1.3 million on Thursday, ending its week with an estimate of $46.9 million. The Jared Leto Spider Man the fallout is expected to drop by 65% ​​over weekend 2 given its genre-defining nature. from Paramount The lost city made $1.1M, -8% from Wednesday, for a second estimated week of $19.9M and a two-week total of $59.7M. Warner Bros.’ The Batman made $745,000, -7% from Wednesday, ending its fifth week with $14.3M and a running total of $352.5M. sony Unexplored made $303,000 on its seventh Thursday for a week ending of $5 million and a running total of $140.3 million.

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Michelle Yeoh in

Michelle Yeoh (center) in “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once”

Meanwhile, the A24s Everything everywhere all at once is the little engine that could. The Michelle Yeoh movie made $113,000 in its current 38 Week 2 slots and an additional $530,000 in previews (all Thursday $643,000) ahead of its 1,200 theater expansion, bringing the movie’s running total to 2 $.8M. This is a very promising result for specialized cinemas.

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The 25th anniversary of Jennifer Lopez’s movie Selena Iconic ranked fifth on Thursday with an estimate of $216,000 in 308 locations, we learn. This is not a one night event, but will continue for weeks to come.

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