State Professor SC to appear in new movie


Ursula O. Robinson appears in new film released today titled “Lady of the Manor”

ORANGEBURG, SC – A childhood dream comes true for Ursula O. Robinson, theater director at South Carolina State University.

“I watched the Oscars and the Tony Awards when I was a kid,” Robinson said. “My family had a special time seeing these things, and I dreamed of being in these positions.”

But dreams have come true for Robinson.

She is appearing in a new movie, Lady of the Manor, which is released today. She plays a fiery clerk.

The drama teacher says his goal of appearing in national films was not an easy path.

“I was disheartened in high school,” Robinson said. “An agent told me that I should grow taller in my face because I was a stocky woman, but my face was young. She said that I would be chosen for older roles because of my height, but my face was too young to play these roles. It discouraged me, so I went with my second dream, which was to teach.

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This is not the first time Robinson has appeared on the big screen.

She says she was an extra in some independent films.

The college drama professor said the new film launched her career and that she hopes to land bigger gigs in future films, TV series and commercials. She also hopes her students will learn from her journey by watching the new film together later in the evening.

“What do you do with when you get a drama degree or a mass communication degree,” Robinson asked? “What do you do with these degrees, because the road to success is not linear in these particular areas. What I’m showing you is one way to get there.”

Lady of the Manor is available to stream today on Google Play Movies & TV and Vudu.

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