Stephen King Movie Marathon Could Make $ 1,300 For One Unsuccessful Fan


Apps are now available for the Stephen King Scream Job, where horror fans can make big bucks by browsing 13 classic Stephen King movies.

Stephen King is a titan of the horror genre, having created some of the most iconic monsters and creatures in movie history, and fans of his spooky stories can earn over $ 1,000 watching his films.

According to the official Stephen King Scream Job announcement, is looking to hire a lucky (or rather unlucky) fan to marathon 13 classic adaptations of Stephen King’s stories and document their experience, including details like heart rate, reactions to the fear jump and whether or not they are able to sleep after finishing the movies. The ad asks, “Feeling brave? How about getting comfortable with Carrie or playing fetch with Cujo. Maybe take Christine for a walk and see where this takes you.”

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The 13 classic Stephen King films include Carrie (either the original or the remake of 2013), The children of the corn, Christine, Horror show, Cujo, This (either the original or the remake of 2017), It: chapter two, Misery, Mist, Pet Sematist (i.e. the original of the 2019 remake), Lot of Salem, The brilliant and Doctor Sleep.

The job brings in $ 1,300, which the ad suggests not to spend on renting a room in “a certain hotel in Colorado!” Additionally, will provide the chosen fan with a bag valued at $ 350, which includes access to all 13 movies, a Fitbit to track their heart rate, and “a survival kit with a blanket, popcorn. , candy and Stephen King props to set the stage for what is sure to be a terrifying experience. “

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To apply, interested horror fans should submit a completed application, which includes questions such as “What’s your favorite Stephen King movie?” And “What’s your favorite genre of horror movie?” Applicants must also write a 200 word description explaining “why you should be tortured this way”. Bonus points can be earned by including a link to a video that showcases the fan’s Halloween spirit and providing details on how they prefer to celebrate the Halloween season.

The apps are currently available on The deadline for submission is October 8 at 5:00 p.m. MST / 7:00 p.m. EST, and all those who submit an application on time will receive an email on October 15 from, confirming whether or not they have obtained the post.

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