Suriya ET Trailer: Action Show with a Message

The next teaser of Suriya’s company ET was released a few days ago and it surely intrigued action movie lovers.

Today they came up with a theatrical trailer for the movie and it’s mostly hero-centric, though we get to see all the other characters, including the antagonist played by Vinay Rai.

Suriya, who is a good Samaritan, is forced to turn violent due to unexpected and pathetic incidents in his village.

According to the trailer, the film tells the story of a rural guy confronting an urban criminal instigator who tries to tarnish the harmonious life of the women in the village.

Suriya is featured throughout the trailer and he stands out in his lively and intense role. He appeared in two different outfits. Her chemistry with Priyanka Arul Mohan is enchanting.

Although Vinay Rai doesn’t have much space, his presence is felt throughout the trailer.

Pandiraj made the film an action spectacle with a good message and the background music by D Imman increases the intensity of the scenes.

While Sun Pictures produced the film, Asian Multiplexes is releasing it in Telugu on March 10.

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