Ted Lasso gets terrifying in this intersected trailer


A fan-made montage turns the AFC Richmond dressing room into Ted Lasso’s worst nightmare in light of the season finale revelations.

Ted Lasso displeased scary disgust

The well-being comedy of Ted lasso, football and the horror genre isn’t exactly a winning trio. However, a new fan-made trailer proves that with the right editing, the show’s second season has enough chilly vibes to tear up any defense.

Considering Ted lasso‘s In season two, AFC Richmond is fighting for a promotion spot until the very end, that intimidating factor is something the team could have used in the scathing final that kicked off on Friday. Of course, the season ended with a lot of humor and all of the daddy jokes that won the Apple TV Plus series four Emmy wins this year, as well as absolute internet fame thanks to the. Ted lassomeme inspired by Roy Kent CGI.

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Don’t expect to see a lot of Coach Lasso in this parody trailer since Ted’s endless optimism leaves very little room for fear. Instead, the gaffer delegates the terrorist tasks to Nate the Great (Nick Mohammed), who makes him a handsome villain. This brilliant Francis Siberini Films trailer takes advantage of a few Ted lasso‘s Season two’s craziest events like the sad incident with forward Dani Rojas’ dog, a car crash, and a funeral that gets really dark when paired with part of Nate’s dialogue.

The YouTube channel also offers some more in-depth analysis of shows such as WandaVision and Ozark, and this video goes a long way to show what a good edit can do with the right music to make people worry about what Nate might be hiding. Nonetheless, while Nate may be a long way from becoming Richmond’s slasher, his role on the series changed dramatically as the success of the club and the media began to take a toll on his relationship with Ted.

All things considered, since Ted Lasso doesn’t know anything about football and still managed to bring Richmond together, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him surviving a horror movie. At present, Ted lasso still holds an impressive 88% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of Apple TV’s most successful productions, an even more impressive feat considering its success with American audiences who just like Ted, is generally far from being passionate about football.

Ted lasso was already booked for the third season and as its popularity continues to rise, it is likely that production values ​​will continue to improve, which will do wonders for a sport that has always been particularly difficult to portray in cinema. or on television. At this rate, even fan-made Ted Lasso edits will put the eFootball to shame.

Ted lasso is available on Apple TV Plus.

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Source: Francis Siberini Film / YouTube

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