The first trailer for ‘Bones and All’ starring Timothée Chalamet is as beautifully bloody as the movie

The average trailer these days does little more than what it’s supposed to do: promote the movie. And that’s perfectly fine, if a bit boring. Many people refuse to even watch trailers for fear of being spoiled. We prefer to watch the film in real life!

But bones and allThe first full trailer has arrived to challenge the anti-trailer contingent to reconsider. On Leonard Cohen’s gritty, bass-heavy song”You want it darker”, it is essentially a mini music video, edited to the rhythm of the song, cuts falling in tandem with the rhythm of the drums, shots accompanied by sustained notes. As Cohen sings “a lullaby for suffering,” darkness and violence abound, both lyrically and visually.

And blood. There is a lot of blood. bones and all is a love story about cannibalistic teenagers traveling through the Midwest, after all; they spend the film gorging themselves on bodies and wiping blood from their faces and fingernails. As Marin (Taylor Russell) comes to terms with his innate hunger for human flesh, his new friend-turned-lover Lee (Timothée Chalamet) has come to terms with his lot in life.

“I didn’t know I had permission/to kill and maim,” Cohen sings, as if he were a Marin, unsure how far she can go with her cannibalistic desires. Lee, meanwhile, is the one who teaches him that murder is the name of the game, as we watch him slit a man’s throat, emerge from an abandoned cabin with blood on his chest and ponder his existence. while the blood of his latest victim stains his cheeks.

We also get a glimpse of Chalamet and Russell’s co-stars: Mark Rylance, who plays the mysterious old cannibal Sully; Michael Stuhlbarg, an unhinged man whom Marin and Lee meet on their cross-country trip; and a very brief look at a big star, whose role I dare not spoil. (I’ll let you spot her for yourself. She’s almost unrecognizable.)

Whether bones and all had nothing more than this clip of Leonard Cohen to show for itself, it would be one of the most visually captivating works of art of 2022. Luckily the actual film, according to The Daily Beast’s review of its premiere in Venice, is “a brooding and painfully romantic triumph” in its own right.

bones and all will be released in select theaters on November 18, before expanding nationwide on November 23.

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