the first trailer for the DC Comics movie starring Dwayne Johnson!

The new DC Comics movie starring Dwayne Johnson will hit theaters in October 2022. This is the first Black Adam trailer.

A new superhero, or rather super-anti-hero, is on the horizon in Black Adam’s very first official Italian trailer. He said it over and over again Dwayne Johnsonin his thousand thousand posts on social networks, that “the hierarchy of power at home DC Comics is about to change” now that this powerful character he plays is coming. There’s no need to spend more words now, let’s let him spectacular premieres pictures below of the Black Adam’s first Italian trailer.

Black Adam: plot, cast poster and release date of the film with Dwayne Johnson

“The world needed a hero. It had Black Adam,” reads the italian movie poster which you can see below. The movie with Dwayne Johnson will be released in Italy only in theaters on October 20, 2022. Director Jaume Collet-Serra Inspector Challaghan from the superhero world called him. The story obviously revolves around this character created by Otto Binder and CC Beck for the DC comics in 1945. black adamwhose real name is Teth-Adam or Theo Adam, is the sworn enemy of Shazam. He received great powers from the Egyptian gods 5,000 years ago. After being imprisoned for a long time, black adam he is liberated and ready to violently unleash what he believes is the only form of justice to be brought to the modern world. Also part of the cast of the film Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Chahi, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo And Marwan Kenzari.

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