The Most Frustrating Moments From Fox’s X-Men Movies

“X-Men: Apocalypse” includes a subplot set in the Weapon X compound, where Hank McCoy, Raven Darkholme, Peter Maximoff, and Moira MacTaggert were imprisoned by Colonel William Stryker. Of course, Wolverine is also there and is dropped by Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Kurt Wagner, causing as much carnage as a PG-13 rating will allow.

On the one hand, it was great to see Hugh Jackman put on the claws one last time in a team-up flick, and it did a good job referencing Barry Windsor-Smith’s beloved “Weapon X” screenplay. . Plus, there’s no way we can’t cheer as we watch Wolverine go into full berserker mode and tear up the guys who experimented on him and kept him caged like an animal. On the other hand, it was incredibly forced and twisted from a movie that was usually everywhere.

Fans were understandably thrilled when it was announced that the sequel to the much-loved “X-Men: Days of Future Past” would focus on the classic villain Apocalypse. However, even with the talented Oscar Isaac as the titular villain, the film failed to deliver an effective antagonist. Perhaps if Bryan Singer and company had spent less time cramming fan service into an already crowded movie and more time giving the main villain the care he sorely needed, a random appearance from Wolverine wouldn’t have been a big deal. wouldn’t have been necessary to liven things up.

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