This exorcism film will haunt you to the core [Telluride Horror Show 2021]


But Pisanthanakun is not exaggerating this division. Instead, he uses it to mold and shape his characters, such as when Noi explains to the documentary crew that the god Ba Yan tried to possess her when she was younger, recounting the depths of “shamanic fever. “she experienced during this time – with symptoms such as prolonged migraines and uninterrupted periods that last for months – and her decision to reject her traditional god in favor of Christianity. Hearing her side of the story, it makes sense that a young girl is afraid of letting such power enter her heart. It also helps to illustrate how, despite Nim’s alienation, her decision to take her sister’s place and be the family shaman actually strengthens her love for those who reject her the most.

Yet nothing compares to the trials and tribulations that lie in wait. Soon Mink begins to behave strangely, engaging in violent rants, sleepwalking, and staring at blind old ladies who accidentally fall terminally ill the next day. It doesn’t take long before her transgressions escalate into outbursts and twisted behavior as she gets wilder, crawling on all fours, attacking people, and rejoicing in the misfortune of others. Although initially hesitant to allow the shamanic infatuation to touch her offspring, Noi begins to fear for her daughter’s life and orders her sister to begin the ceremony for Mink to accept Ba Yan into her heart. But it is not a deity. Nim found the Pa Ta Ba in Mink’s closet. She saw the spirits of vengeance gather in Mink’s chest. Ba Yan is not the one who seeks to possess her niece – this parasite is a demon.

Teaming up with 2016 ‘The Wailing’ co-writer and producer Na Hong-jin, Pisanthanakun is making a name for himself as a peerless genre director by avoiding the pitfalls of typical exorcism films. Instead of cheap scares and classic rhythms, there is fundamental trauma, brutal tests of blood ties, and a deep-rooted connection to nature. A notion of equality in the same quantum fields at all levels, a bit like Schrödinger’s equation. There are spirits all around us, and although not all of us harm us, those who seek to shake us our devotion to a higher power and rage our own uselessness. It is this frantic upheaval of the status quo that makes “The Medium” great. And it is this suggestion of unworthiness that haunts the viewer deep inside him.

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