This time a drunk Daniel Craig gave a director a James Bond movie at Hugh Jackman’s Christmas party

As the true callers of the James Bond franchise, the blame for the decision is supposed to stop with franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. Virtually every component you could think of falls under their purview, with nothing escaping their final stamp of approval. Even outgoing 007 Daniel Craig knows this, but that didn’t stop him from making an offer to an old friend at Hugh Jackman’s Christmas party. The problem was that the negotiated price was the director’s chair at 2012 celestial fall.

Talk with THR‘s Awards Chatter podcast, Mr. Craig told some pretty exciting stories about his time in the tuxedo. With his no time to die trip marking the end of his days as England’s greatest defender, now is the time to spill all the beans he can in the name of franchise and entertainment. Which led to this fun anecdote about how Sam Mendes was offered his eventual job in the franchise:

I was definitely a little drunk and Sam arrived late. He just arrived and I hadn’t seen him in years, I hadn’t seen him since Road To Perdition… We sat down and had a drink together and it came to me. mind, it was like one of those… Because we had conversations about directors… and it became obvious to me, sitting across from him. I watched him say, ‘Of course.’… And I just said, ‘I’m probably not supposed to say this, but do you want to direct the next Bond movie?’

Knowing the result of this celestial fall story, as well as the fact that it leads to Sam Mendes too return to duty in 2015 Spectrum, does not kill the appeal of this story. Thinking about the historical context of this encounter, with Daniel Craig on two 007 adventures completed at this point, it was probably the best and worst time to make such a move. Looking at where that drunken encounter led in the long run, it’s probably the most brazen franchise decision made while under the influence. At least it was until Tom Holland saves the Spider Man franchise under similar circumstances.

celestial fall became the most successful James Bond film of all time, and some even claim it’s the best of the Daniel Craig era of the series. Working with classic features and modern twists, Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig delivered a $1.1 billion hit, just in time for the 50th anniversary celebration that took place the year it was released. Now get rid of all that prescience and read the rest of the story about what happened after Craig offered the gig to Mr. Mendes:

And he just did this thing, kinda looked at me [and squinted] and said, ‘Yes.’ And I went, ‘Okay,’ and I went, ‘I’m screwed now.’ I’m sure there’s someone I need to talk to about this before I offer directing jobs. It’s not my responsibility, but I was drunk! What can you say?

When everything happened for the best and history was made for the best, imagine the fear that may have crossed Daniel Craig’s mind at that moment. Sure, he had the complete trust in the world of Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson from the start, but that doesn’t mean he had carte blanche privileges. One would imagine the follow-up conversation to be over coffee, as well as some serious words involving tossing to other holiday get-togethers.

The story of Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond is about to become even more defined, with each new story showing the world just how well the process really worked in this unprecedented era of Bond films. Maybe that means we’ll even get the full story of how Danny Boyle discarded Link 25 concept caused the ultimate break that saw his departure. In the meantime, maybe someone should sit Tom Holland down with a few drinks and let him trying to navigate the world of 007 again. It’s a new year and there’s a vacancy in the fictional representation of MI6.

no time to die is available in all its glory, with options to rent or buy the 25th James Bond film on physical and digital media. Those of you looking to revisit celestial fall as of this writing, you can do this with a subscription to Hulu or Paramount+. For a full look at what this cinematic year has to offer, turn your attention to the 2022 release calendar, and happy hunting!

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