Trailer for Upcoming Hong Kong Sci-Fi Movie “Expired” Starring Hugo Weaving

Trailer for Upcoming Hong Kong Sci-Fi Movie “Expired” Starring Hugo Weaving

by Alex Billington
January 19, 2022
Source: Youtube

“There’s not much time…and you’re deteriorating very quickly. Lionsgate has unveiled an official US trailer for Expired, an intriguing Australian sci-fi thriller set in the future in a “neon flooded” world similar to blade runner. In a futuristic Hong Kong, young assassin Jack crosses paths with a nightclub singer. As Jack grows increasingly attracted to April, her body mysteriously deteriorates. Jack tracks down reclusive life extension scientist Dr. Bergman, who uncovers Jack’s long-buried secret and is forced to confront his own troubled past. “Each image encourages life and emotion, an optimism as much as heartache, of what could be and what will be.” Ryan Kwanten and Hugo Weaving star with Jillian Nguyen like April. It looks very cool, I can’t deny it with these pictures, I just hope the rest holds up. This trailer also has a rad score.

Here is the official US trailer (+ poster) of Ivan Sen Expired, direct from Lionsgate Youtube:

Expired poster

While Jack (Ryan Kwanten) works as a hitman, his solitary life is turned upside down by two strangers, one a club singer, the other a mysterious scientist (Hugo Weaving). Jack and the Singer fall in love, but as their relationship grows stronger, Jack weakens physically, unable to assassinate his targets. But then the scientist discovers the shocking reasons behind Jack’s fatal affliction… Expired, formerly known as land of love, is written and directed by an Indigenous Australian writer/filmmaker Ivan Sen, film director under the clouds, Dreamland, Toomelah, Mystery Road, and gold stone before, as well as a few other shorts. It is produced by David Jowsey, Angela Littlejohn, Greer Simpkin and Ivan Sen. Lionsgate will release Sen’s Expired in select US theaters + on VOD from March 18, 2022 Coming soon. Who wants to see this?

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