Trailers that are better than the actual movie

Not to state the obvious, but the job of a movie trailer is to sell said movie. This is a collection of footage edited in a way to entice people to see the full package. Unfortunately, some trailers are too good for this job.

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Often the end product is not up to the high standards. The film in question disappoints in one or more areas. The public feels lied to as a result. They might even want to go back and rewatch the trailer. After all, it gives them more entertainment value while wasting less time and money.


8 Ink heart

It’s a golden premise with endless possibilities. A man can create any character or literary object simply by reading it in a book. The trailer definitely captures that excitement, showcasing countless scenes of fantastical wonder and action. Along with Two Steps From Hell’s “Protectors of the Earth,” the film seemed like the ultimate extravaganza of literary brilliance. Unfortunately, this set the standard too high.

Upon release, Ink heart turned out to be a useful but uninspired family adventure. The source’s warm, fatherly relationship doesn’t get the attention it deserves, overshadowed by a bland story and other derivative elements. Worse still, he doesn’t use the many literary works at his disposal for anything other than sight gags. It all comes down to a film that fails to stand out from the family fantasy pack.

seven Steel man

After the takedown of Batman in Christopher Nolan Black Knight trilogy, Warner Bros. sought to do the same with another DC hero, Superman. The trailer seems to indicate this intention in the best way. It presents a cold world given hope by the man in the sky. Howard Shore’s beautiful score of The Lord of the Rings plays on poignant lines emphasizing what Superman means to the people of Earth.

Little did fans know that the movie itself didn’t offer anything more. The dialogue that generated intrigue and excitement in the trailer equates to vacant platitudes and awkward speeches in the film. The script desperately wants to sound smarter than it is, but it’s undermined by both the sparse narration and Zack Snyder’s annoying penchant for explosive CGI action without rhyme or reason. This habit is more uncomfortable in this case since the fight scenes ravage entire cities. At best, it’s a movie that only understands Superman on a surface level. At worst, it shows a nihilistic hatred for everything the hero stands for.

6 Blade Runner 2049

the original blade runner practically defined the cyberpunk subgenre, and fans are constantly thirsty for more of this pioneering neo-noir world. They found their wish granted decades later with Blade Runner 2049, whose trailer strikes a perfect balance between intrigue and spectacle. Stunning visuals showcase a more evolved setting, using state-of-the-art cinematic craftsmanship to make this captivating neon wonderland more immersive than ever.

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The finished product destroys this interest by being a laborious and pretentious boring. Everything is happening at a snail’s pace. No one speaks above a whisper, which puts viewers to sleep long before they hear the awkward existential messages heaped haphazardly into the dialogue.

At the end, Blade Runner 2049 succumbs to the same trap as other genre films by Denis Villeneuve. It’s so caught up in its vast world and booming presentation that it forgets to populate that world with interesting people or convincingly convey its thin narrative.

5 iron man 2

The first one Iron Man The movie launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many fans have been eagerly waiting to see that universe expand into a sequel. This is where the problem lies: iron man 2 is too caught up in this expansion. It’s a messy comedy with several disparate storylines unfolding at the same time. Some of them exist purely for world-building, as evidenced by Black Widow and Nick Fury for little reason. These distractions make the film feel like a commodity: a placeholder to sell action figures until Marvel’s other standalone films take off.

Fans would never know by watching the initial trailer. This promo promises more of Tony Stark’s personal journey, moving in a darker direction as he’s haunted by his family’s warmongering legacy. This approach perfectly positions Ivan Vanko as a bigger threat than Obadiah Stane from the first film. Not only is Mickey Rourke clearly dedicated to the role, he’s backed by AC/DC’s “Razor’s Edge.” These aspects paint a more intense and gripping picture than what audiences got.

4 tron the legacy

Another neon world of the 80s has had a long-awaited return with tron the legacy and the trailer is excellent for energizing that comeback. A mystery is built in a disturbing virtual space amidst the catchy rhythms of Joseph Trapanese and Daft Punk. Familiar sights are then brought to life with the magic of the flawless special effects of the modern era. It created a comeback brimming with style.

This style is by far the strongest aspect, but the others are somewhat lacking. Mundane characters populate a meandering narrative with arcade-machine-sized plot holes. The story poses complex concepts, but it lacks the intelligence to do them justice. As a result, the whole project is half-baked and mediocre. Luckily for fans, the Tron: Uprising The TV series has all the style of the film with stronger writing.

3 suicide squad

It was one of several DC movies announced as part of a cinematic universe. The moody teaser – with David Ayer at the helm – further hinted at the gritty and ominous world promised by the highest brass and established in Steel man. That illusion is soon shattered by the trailer for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which brilliantly positions the film as an adrenaline-fueled action-comedy featuring Queen’s signature song. Ultimately, this trailer had a negative effect on the movie it was promoting.

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After the lamentable reception of the dour batman versus supermanWarner Bros. hastily ordered reruns to make suicide squad more in line with its commercialization. With the arrival of another upbeat trailer to Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz,” it was clear that the whole project had changed after the fact. The end result was a dull middle ground between dark and light. The sloppy writing, truncated editing, and intrusive songs reek of all studio interference, trying to please everyone without satisfying anyone. At least fans got a better and more cohesive film with James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

2 Baywatch

The hit comedy 21 jump street ushered in a trend of modernized action comedies based on 80s and 90s TV shows. It was only a matter of time before Baywatch received this treatment, and the initial promos felt like a blast worthy of the show’s corny reputation. Dwayne Johnson, a charismatic comedian, leads a team of seductive idiots in a self-aware game. The problem is that all the best bits are in the trailer.

The movie itself is a sophomore slog. The dirty jokes are too immature for a fourth grader, and the rude gags are commendable because they go on forever. In short, it’s the same type of painfully lazy comedy that audiences have seen time and time again.

1 Avatar

After a string of hits, writer-director James Cameron spent years preparing a groundbreaking sci-fi project, which only the latest cinematic technology could portray with justice. The first images certainly seemed to live up to those lofty expectations, taking viewers into a colorful world where humans must commune with a strange race of alien warriors. These tribal felines come to life beautifully with immaculate performance capture work that previous generations only dreamed of. The stage was set for Cameron to deliver another sci-fi movie about tent poles as aliens Where Terminator 2.

Imagine people’s disappointment when Avatar was nothing but an overproduction dance with wolves, more artificial and with a tenth of the depth. Cartoonish characters and a predictable plot only exist to convey very fine themes about colonization and environmentalism. These tired messages are made even more hollow in the face of the CGI which loses its convincing quality once in motion. Such shaky foundations can’t even support a movie, let alone Cameron’s planned five entries.

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