TRSDC closes funding for $3.76 billion loan from four Saudi banks

RIYADH: The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been ranked as the most competitive Arab economies for the period from 2017 to 2020, according to a report published by the Arab Monetary Fund.

The fifth Arab Economies Competitiveness Report showed that the UAE maintained its top spot in the overall index, as it enjoyed high scores in the business environment and infrastructure category as well as the organizational governance and governance category. governmental.

The Kingdom ranked second after performing well in the overall economic index, the foreign activities sector and the official reserves index.

Qatar followed in third place, having achieved first place in the real economy sector, inflation index and GDP per capita index.

Four Arab nations have improved in terms of competitiveness compared to the previous period, including Sudan, Egypt, Morocco and Mauritania.

Arab states and other non-Arab countries — such as Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey — are also included in the calculation of the index.

The report monitors the economic competitiveness of Arab countries and highlights the economic and political measures applied by policymakers to this end.

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