Watch The Criterion Channel’s Official ’80s Horror’ Selection Trailer

Watch The Criterion Channel’s Official ’80s Horror’ Selection Trailer

by Alex Billington
September 23, 2022
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“I heard you had trouble with a snake?” In a few weeks it will be October again, which means it’s time for horror season!! Who is ready to watch horror movies every day for 30 days? The Criterion channelthe streaming service offered by the iconic Criterion Collection, launches a new series for October – 80s horror. The collection will include 30 “decade-defining” classic horror films from some of the genre’s finest filmmakers, including: Dario Argento, Kathryn Bigelow, John Carpenter, Larry Cohen, David Cronenberg, Tobe Hooper, Michael Mann, Ken Russell, Paul Schrader , and more. If you haven’t seen any yet, now is the perfect time to catch up. The Criterion Channel is one of my favorite streaming options (worth it!) because they always have tons of great old movies, as well as juicy movie series like this. Never seen Scanners? It’s here. There is also Q: The winged serpent, cat people, Prince of Darkness, almost dark, the blob remake (which is particularly good), Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Wolfen, dead and buried, Helland others.

Criterion Collection - 80s Horror

Introduction to the criterion: The 1980s were defined by style and excess, and horror films of the era were no exception. Innovations in practical effects have made nightmares more vivid than ever, and thanks to the rise of home video, the call now came from inside the house. While established talents such as John Carpenter (Prince of Darkness), Tobe Hooper (The Funhouse), David Cronenberg (Scanners), Michael Mann (The dungeon), and Paul Schrader (cat people) brought terrifying spectacles to the screen, often with the help of Hollywood studios, home video opened up a new market that allowed independents to take the genre to an unexpected level and – in the case of British censorship from the infamous “Video Nasties” – controversial new heights. Hosted by Clyde Folley, this gruesome tour through the decade of greed features ambitious art-pulp hybrids (White of the eye), a Hitchcock-inspired trucker film (road games), old-school creature characteristics (Q: The winged serpent), a vampiric Nicolas Cage (vampire kiss), and absolutely unclassifiable cult oddities (Company), bringing together some of the most stylish, haunting and outrageous visions of the 80s. More information.

Start watching on the Criterion channel beginning October 1st! If you’re not already a subscriber, there’s a free trial for the streaming service. One of the best!! New additions all the time and great series like this.

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