Waterworld series with Dan Trachtenberg in preparation at Universal



We have great news for fans of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi action starring Kevin Costner Water world (and yes, the movie has fans): the movie producer is working on a streaming series (get it?) set in a world where the pee fish-man has sailed into a world where dry land is a myth and money is no object for movie studios.

Speaking with Collider, John Davis, producer of the original 1995 film, revealed he was developing a Water world series which will be a “sequel to this film” taking place “20 years later”. Davis did not say whether original stars Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn or Tina Majorino are involved, but told the outlet he would focus on their characters in the film. Just, you know, “20 years later.”

Davis’ production partner John Fox added, “We’re not 100% sure how the show will approach. But definitely, we’re building right now.”

As such, there is no showrunner attached yet. But Dan Trachtenberg from 10 Cloverfield Way and The boys fame is on board to lead. Davis also said his team was preparing the show on Universal Television and landed a streaming service for the series, but declined to reveal which one.

Kind of like a setback Mad Max where the world is submerged under water instead of being a giant desert, Waterworld envisions a future where ice caps have melted and dry land has followed the path of dodo. Costner plays an unnamed vagabond known only as The Mariner, who has gills and drinks his own pee (yes, no, we’re not letting go of that). He reluctantly agrees to help a woman (Tripplehorn) and a young girl (Majorino) escape a group of evil “smokers”, led by the late Dennis Hopper, and seek dry land.

The aquatic world the struggling production shot its budget to $ 175 million, making it the most expensive movie in Hollywood history at the time. Although it ended up making a profit (mainly through home video), the advanced toxic word-of-mouth and mixed to negative reviews were Water world synonymous with Hollywood excess and pride; not to mention that it seriously damaged Costner’s reputation.

But that doesn’t deter Davis. In fact, after seeing it recently again, he “was surprised at how well it held up,” adding, “this film ages well over time.”

No word on a timeline for the project yet, but for now you can stock up on wet and wild fun at Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular at various Universal Studios around the world.

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