Westworld’s Thandiwe Newton has a compelling reason to avoid superhero movies


Don’t expect Westworld and Reminiscence star Thandiwe Newton to audition for superhero movies anytime soon – here’s why.

Do not expect Westworld and Reminiscence Star Thandiwe Newton will be auditioning for superhero films soon, as she has her own reasons for not getting into the genre.

In an interview with Inverse, Newton explained that superhero movies are “not my cup of tea, I’m afraid.” The central thesis of his problems with superhero films is not based on not understanding the appeal or rejecting certain films in the genre as “not cinema”, but rather on the fact that she fears that pop culture’s obsession with fantasy superheroes comes at the expense of reality. -the stories of the heroes of life are correctly recognized. “We have superheroes on the ground right now, and those are the ones we should be celebrating and supporting. This idea that there are these fantastic superheroes is keeping us from really finding the superheroes who are actually here. . “

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Despite the issues Newton has with pop culture’s emphasis on superheroes, she can still find things to enjoy in high quality movies that do something interesting with the genre, saying “J love the reimagining of the comics we’re seeing right now, Like Thor: Ragnarok, which is more comical but at least upsets that kind of franchise and fucks with the system. “

Newton praises HBO Watchmen mini-series as a superhero tale that managed to shed light on the real story, saying “I love what happened with [HBO’s] Watchmen. It’s so deep that they used Tulsa as the origin story for Watchmen. Most Americans were unaware of the Tulsa massacre. ”Lamenting the wave of campaigns to ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools, she wonders: Watchmen? The director of 12 years of slavery? Lisa Joy, for writing about reevaluating history? Mind you, she’s doing science fiction, which is really smart, because you can’t touch science fiction, because it’s postulating a future. “

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In the same interview, Newton also spoke about his thoughts on Maeve’s role in Westworld, his working relationship continues with Westworld showrunner and Reminiscence director Lisa Joy and her problems with the treatment of her character Val in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Reminiscence now playing in theaters and on HBO Max. The first three seasons of Westworld are also available to stream on HBO, with Season 4 currently in production and slated to air in 2022.

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