Why directors should respect movie owners— Niyi Akinmolayan

Director, Niyi Akinmolayan, said directors should respect film owners even if they feel conditioned to follow their model. He said Sunday spoon, “They (the directors) have to show that what they have is just as good, but it’s important that they respect the owners of the film. Once you respect the owners of the film, it puts you in a space where they can trust you and work with you a lot more. There is always a conversation. For example, if you have an idea and the owner of the movie has a contrary idea, try to make a version of that idea while leaving the owner film see what you did and let him know your thoughts. That’s how I approached all my ideas as a director.

About his latest projects, he said, “As a director and executive producer, I have an upcoming project called ‘The Man for the Job.’ It is a crime drama starring Temi Otedola, Ini Edo, Ibrahim Suleiman, Ali Baba and Baba Rex. Later this year, we will be doing an adult romantic drama titled “Hey You” starring Timini Egbuson and Efe Ireli. Also, I’m the co-executive producer of “King of Thieves”.

He also talked about the elements he put into the release of King of Thieves. He said, “First of all, we increased the scale of the film so that it would be very appealing. In doing so, Femi Adebayo and I worked hard to make sure the locations, costumes, props, and other things were to scale. We did a lot of work on the music making sure all the songs were original and depicted that era. Additionally, we did a significant amount of marketing and publicity.

Of the films he considers the most difficult for him so far, he said, “Some are difficult as a producer and some are difficult as a director. It depends. As an executive producer, the most difficult film is ‘Prophetess’. As a director, the most difficult is “The Man for the Job” because I was also the director, the executive producer and the director of photography.

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