Why Sub-Zero is Mortal Kombat 2021’s villain (not just Scorpion’s rival)


Sub-Zero is the main villain of Mortal Kombat of 2021, not just Scorpion’s rival, as they want to stretch the source material into a series.

Mortal combatThe 2021 reboot smartly made Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim) the central villain of the film, rather than squeezing him as Scorpion’s (Hiroyuki Sanada) rival. It may have been a simpler marketing approach for Mortal combat be just an otherworldly martial arts tournament with the evil wizard Shang Tsung at the end, just like the 1995 Mortal combat made. Instead, 2021 Mortal combat chose to have Sub-Zero kill Scorpion and his family in the film’s exciting opening scene to frame the decisive final fight between the two and firmly establish Sub-Zero as the film’s big bad. They did it with good reason.

The rivalry between the two ninjas Scorpion and Sub-Zero dates back to 1993 in the very first Mortal combat biographies of video game characters who establish them as being from opposing ninja clans. Through various media adaptations, the immortal ninjas Scorpion and Sub-Zero have regularly fought each other. Yet by the time of the 1995 film adaptation, the film opted instead to relegate the two ninjas to largely nonverbal villainous supporting roles as opponents of the heroes. It was a misstep on Mortal combat restart probably sought to correct.

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This missed opportunity has been rectified with the most recent Mortal combat, which ultimately gave audiences the rivalry they wanted to see on screen. Still, it was a curious decision to expand the role of Sub-Zero beyond just being Scorpion’s rival to make him the film’s most prominent villain, despite working on behalf of Shang Tsung (Chin Han). The answer, however, is that the team behind the Mortal combat The 2021 reboot was likely planned in advance. It’s no secret that film companies love pre-existing properties like video games and comics because they bring an integrated audience with them. While the years 1995 Mortal combat is a highly regarded genre film, it wasn’t particularly true to its source material in terms of the backstory for Scorpion and Sub-Zero, giving audiences a very different take on Sub-Zero in particular. It seems that one of the priorities of 2021 Mortal combat was to straighten the figures up and align them more with the larger mark. It gave audiences what they asked for by making the ninja rivalry the film’s primary framing device while leaving the bigger villains in store in the hopes of many sequels.

Mortal Kombat Movie Sub-Zero and Scorpion

Making Sub-Zero the climactic showdown in the film uses the character to the max. It is now known that Sub-Zero serves Shang Tsung and that a bigger villain than him, Shao Kahn, appears in the form of a mural and a statue, which offers a practical roadmap for the future. . Mortal combat antagonists. Mortal combat installation Shang Tsung will be the next villain and Shao Kahn the equivalent of the final boss of the film franchise. Of course, they could also leave the door open for an unexpected villain like Quan Chi to appear in Mortal combat films of the future. Sub-Zero then becomes both a celebration of an often overlooked history beloved by longtime video game gamers and makes things easier to come.

One thing Mortal combat the reboot was good for working against expectations: establishing an original main character with Cole Young (Lewis Tan), avoiding the traditional tournament plot, and embracing people’s love for the Sub-Zero character aren’t just gestures intelligent. They all feed into a larger structure of trying to maximize material to allow for as many sequelae as possible. Even Sub-Zero’s gruesome death may be part of a more intricate and convoluted plan for the undead cyberninja robots, but that doesn’t mean the character was lost in it. Mortal combat 2021. Like any spectator of The warrior As you can attest, Joe Taslim is a talented martial artist and certainly has enough charisma to make an excellent main villain.

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