With Maybank, getting a loan isn’t as hard as you think

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“Paano kaya mag-ready? [How to get a loan?]

Whenever we set up a new business or start a new business with an existing business, the question of getting a loan always comes up. After all, most of us don’t have unlimited capital to pursue the changes we want to make within our businesses.

Although the word ready is a word we all know, some may still feel uncomfortable getting one, and it may not be the first solution that comes to mind when starting out. from a company.

Contrary to what many might think, a loan is actually a good tool to support any business.

Are you a budding entrepreneur wondering what loans really are and curious how trusted banks can make them work for you and your business? Do you have little time to visit a bank and hear about it in person? To help you, we spoke to a seasoned professional who has been in the industry for 24 years and has worked with local and international banks.

With the help of Mr. Delbert Ang, Head of Community Distribution and RSME Activities at Maybank Philippines, we will help you with questions and concerns regarding loans for your Retail Small and Medium Enterprise (RSME).

Why choose Maybank?

When it comes to all things banking, your first concern might be with the bank itself. To fully trust and invest in a long-term relationship – which lending usually is – with a bank, we must first understand the core values ​​that underpin its business practices.

Maybank’s brand promise is “Humanizing Financial Services”. Mention malasakit [compassion] as one of the bank’s core values, Ang noted that their mission is to truly help improve the lives of their customers by promoting financial well-being and literacy, and encouraging them to make the right decisions when it’s about executing their personal or business plans.

Maybank is focused on driving positive change and promoting sustainable growth in the communities in which it operates. in general,” Ang explained.

As mentioned, they do this by using their knowledge and services to enable communities to grow and maximize their potential. With their current campaign, #ForYou, they are putting you, their customers, first. Thus, their financial services are designed to be simple, intuitive and accessible.

Why get the Maybank RSME loan?

Many banks offer loans. But what makes the RSME Maybank Loan different? Ang focused on his two-step process.

“[First]we interact with the customer, either he comes to us or we come to him. [Then] we try to understand their real situation. More than suggesting our already integrated products, we try to understand the short and/or long term goals of their business and how the client can seize the scalable opportunities for the business with Maybank.

This two-step process was developed in line with Maybank’s signature experience. Returning to the bank’s mission to “humanize financial services”, Ang pointed out that Maybank’s RSME loan depends on the competitive rates they offer – rates that are tailored to the uniqueness of each customer’s needs.

“[It relies] on our ability to align solutions with the uniqueness of customer needs, also given the evolutionary changes we are witnessing. Due to the pandemic, we think there have really been a lot of opportunities created.

Because they are always available for their clients and because of the relationships they have with them, Maybank has been able to identify areas of potential growth in various businesses. This has allowed them to create a slew of products that they believe most RSME business owners might need.

We are more interested in building relationships. As we are able to do that, that’s when we can say customers can grow or we can grow with them.

Delbert Ang, director of Maybank RSME

With the scalable opportunities they have identified in mind, they use their RSME loan to help businesses in their rehabilitation, growth and expansion.

Besides that, Ang also pointed out that their main selling point is the fact that they offer fast and hassle-free service and approval processes. He also pointed out that the main concern for most clients is the availability of the fund. To address this issue, Maybank offers loans that meet immediate needs, help identify new opportunities, and are easily accessible so business owners can act on them quickly.

What loan formulas are available?

Under the RSME loan, Maybank has two existing packages for as low as P500,000 and up to P50 million. The first is a term loanintended for long-term working capital needs that can finance your business expansion, acquisition of fixed assets, machinery equipment and other business development projects.

Through this, Maybank will help you get a commercial value or a monetary value of what you already own, such as buildings or properties, which will act as collateral.

The second is the Revolving line of credit (RCL), which is short-term working capital that can be used to build up inventory and to liquidate receivables. Ang likened it to a credit card because it works similarly. Depending on the agreed rate, you can withdraw from an approved RCL as much as you want and the next day.

Maybank’s rates for these packages are competitive and follow prevailing market rates. Ang pointed out that Maybank is working with its customers to agree a rate. Since the relationship is not simply transactional, they make it a point to offer rates that will benefit their customers.

How to start the loan process?

If we have convinced you that getting an RSME loan can be the next step for your business, then all you need to do is visit any Maybank branch near you. You can also visit their website or contact their RSME hotline on (02) 8588-3761, (02) 7739-1653 and (02) 8739-3849.

Ultimately, Maybank aims to empower its customers and simplify technical financial processes for them through the one thing it does best: build a relationship with them.

“In terms of our approach in the Philippines, we know which particular market we think we can be most valuable in and exactly what kind of customers we would like to help,” Ang remarked.

With its RSME loan in place, we can be sure that Maybank is ready to step up and connect with RSME owners across the country. The bottom line is this: with Maybank, getting a loan can be a hassle-free experience. – Rappler.com

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