“Woman at Sea” picked up by Loco Films, a new trailer has been released

Loco Films, a Paris-based production company, has officially landed the rights to woman at sea, an upcoming film helmed by Russian actress-turned-director Dinara Drukarova. Besides being Droukarova’s first filmwoman at sea is also a favorite at the San Sebastian Film Festival, where the film will soon premiere.

Originally based on a book titled the great sailor by Catherine Poulain, woman at sea will star Dinara Droukarova (Office) as the protagonist Lili, a young woman who has run away from her comfortable life in France in order to pursue her dream of fishing in the seas of northern Iceland. She convinces Ian, a rough fishing boat skipper played by Sam Louwyck (Sulfur), to take him aboard his ship, The rebeland despite being the only woman on board, Lili is determined to earn the respect of this grizzled fishing crew with her “determination and courage”.

Loco Films and ‘Woman at Sea’ at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Based in Paris, France, Loco Films is a European production company known for works such as Tinnitus (2022), the story of a former Olympic diver who risks everything to return to her sport, and Eismayer (2022), based on the true story of an Austrian military officer living a double life as a closeted homosexual. Eismayer recently won Grand Prix of the International Critics’ Week at the Venice International Film Festival, leaving Loco Films with big shoes to fill with the premiere of Woman at sea.

Regarding the film’s upcoming San Sebastian debut, Loco Films Founder and CEO Laurent Danielou said Variety, “We are proud of this first film, shot on the harsh northern seas, about a young woman in search of fresh air and freedom. A beautiful free film and the birth of a new director.

Whereas woman at sea marks Dinara Drukarova’s directorial debut, the Russian actress has decades of filmography under her belt, including a starring role in the 1998 cult film Of monsters and men, which saw her nominated for Best European Actress at the European Film Awards. A first look at her performance as Lili in woman at sea is available in the trailer below.

woman at sea will be co-produced by Mystery Productions, Gulldrengurinn and Gullslottið. Davíð Óskar Ólafsson, Benedikt Erlingsson, Sergey Selyanov, Geneviève Lemal and Julie Gayet join the film as producers. The film is set to debut at the 2022 San Sebastian International Film Festival, which runs from September 16-24, 2022.

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